Tarantino’s theft

Started by Reel, January 10, 2024, 12:28:30 PM

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I recently rewatched "Teen Wolf"(1985) and couldn't help but notice how after Michael J. Fox's transformation into a werewolf with all his crazy antics, he develops a mythic persona amongst his friend circle, who start calling him "The Wolf". Tarantino had to have picked up on how cool of a nickname that was and decided he would use it for one of his characters someday. He's also recently used the film "Silver Bullet"(1985) as an example of great pacing in the 3rd act, when you're fearing Gary Busey could be killed at the end, and compares it to his scene of Cliff visiting Spahn ranch in "Once Upon a Time". Just to support my theory that he's a big 80's werewolf movie buff.

When Tarantino was on the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast and the host Tom Segura asked for a recommendation of a good thriller, Quentin suggested "Bedroom Window"(1987) starring Steve Guttenberg, Elizabeth Mcgovern, and Isabelle Huppert. It's kind of a 'Rear Window' knock off. In the finale, an 80's cover of The Supremes "You keep me hangin' on" is playing on the jukebox at a bar. Similar to Cliff playing Vanilla Fudge's cover of that same song for the finale of OUATIH. Only "Bedroom Window" uses it for a snippet and Tarantino milks it for all it's worth in his film.