Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive

Started by Something Spanish, September 11, 2018, 07:16:37 PM

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Something Spanish

I posed this question in the shoutbox, maybe it warrants its own thread. not pitting the two against each other, adore them both, simply wondering what's your preference if forced to choose, especially as I find them very similar in their surrealism. not to discount Inland Empire, which leaps off into the deep end from go and doesn't hit bottom until the end credits.

Jeremy Blackman

Something Spanish [11|Sep 05:48 AM]:   they are both masterpieces, but: Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive?
eward [11|Sep 08:51 AM]:   mulholland drive by a country mile
Reelist [11|Sep 09:22 AM]:   I've only seen lost highway once on vhs. bought a six disc lynch blu ray set a few years ago but they were region 2, one of my biggest Discappointments
Sleepless [11|Sep 09:31 AM]:   First of all, damn you for dragging me into the shoutbin. (Can't we talk films in relevant threads? Won't someone think of the children?) Second of all, Lost Highway. I realize that's the minority opinion, but for that very reason, that's why I'm not a huge MD fan. Everyone loves it and loves obsessing about the clues and the puzzle and trying to figure out what everything means... And that's never the point of Lynch. He's about emotions. You should feel what his films mean. Not go full Pepe Silvia on them. But MD does have some fantastic scenes and moments. LH has "As a matter of fact, I'm there right now" though.
Jeremy Blackman [11|Sep 11:11 AM]:   MD > LH
Jeremy Blackman [11|Sep 11:12 AM]:   I think it's fine (and sometimes even essential) to puzzle out Lynch films, as long as you remember it's not everything.
Jeremy Blackman [11|Sep 11:16 AM]:   For example, Twin Peaks The Return is far richer once you start putting things together. The connections are so much fun. It's not just evocative images and atmosphere.
eward [11|Sep 06:16 PM]:   My love of Mulholland Drive has everything to do with the intensity of emotion it summons in me and nothing to do with the "puzzle" aspects of the film which, when closely examined, are rather simplistic and not worth obsessing over. Just a distraction. But that movie makes me weep every time. Lost Highway is great, but doesn't gut me like Mulholland.
Something Spanish [11|Sep 07:11 PM]:   i know what you mean, rewatching MD my emotions were strongly stirred far greater than the need to solve the puzzle, which for the first time was not puzzling at all
Something Spanish [11|Sep 07:11 PM]:   i think the two are equals, but my soft spot lies with LH


Not liking Lost Highway, the choice is easy. But I love MD.


MD. Saw it first when I was 14, my second Lynch movie after Elephant Man, and it changed my life forever.

Just Withnail

LH has the "Song to the Siren"-scene, and I just found it on YouTube to jog my memory of how it plays in the film, but jumped to the middle as I can only bear to hear this song in the choicest of moments and I landed on "-ipless ocea-" and turned off cause it just burned right into me and left me with this frisson halo and a lump in my throat. So that will always be there. The film is so nasty and dark that it gives you THIS SONG for a few moments of light at the end before ripping it the hell away from you with "you'll never have me". That is dark darkness, which makes it a really hard watch, but one that goes very deep.

MD I find more rewarding with it's multitude of modes and registers, that all work perfectly together in service of very similar themes of "what if?". It's even got LH almost beat songwise with Roy Orbison in Spanish, one of the most intensely moving scenes I know.

Gold Trumpet

I love LH and MD but why compare the two? One is a symphony and the other is a chamber work. Silly question.

Something Spanish

why compare anything? why make top 10 lists and rank filmmakers' works?

MD felt like Lynch took his dreamy LH style to a further extreme of ambiguity, and i was simply curious if anyone had a preference. personally, i can't choose between the two.