Tarantino interviews

Started by Robyn, January 08, 2018, 12:48:35 PM

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The lack of titties and schlongs is the most suprising thing about Tarantinos movies.

There's lots of big dick energy, but not enough dicks. Then there's feets. That¨'s about it. 


Robyn, come on. the dicks are in the dialogue.


I don't go to the movies to hear about dicks, neither do I watch foreign movies to read about them. When I go to the movies I want to see dicks in full glory.


"I got Madonna's big dick comin' out of my left ear..."


I heard on Howard Stern that he decided to change life style after he did press for Kill Bill. Apparently he came across as a bit.... unhealthy?


Jesus, imagine waking up to that hangover the next morning, with only the vaguest of recollections (if any) of having appeared on late night television the previous evening?


I rather not lol

Compare this to the Abel Ferrara one. Now we know which one of them is the loud and obnoxious kind of drunk


Part way into another excellent podcast episode with QT. This one with Brian Koppelman.