Tarantino Star Trek Film in the Works?

Started by wilberfan, December 04, 2017, 11:25:00 PM

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Quote from: eward on July 16, 2019, 01:39:49 PM
Quentin Tarantino Says If He Commits to Directing 'Star Trek,' That's His Last Movie

I frickin' love "Star Trek" though. I don't even really follow it or ever know what the hell is going on but you can find "The Next Generation" on cable 24/7 and practically any streaming service and I just throw it on when I want to relax. I used to think I hated it as a kid because I had to sit through it before "Roseanne" or whatever sitcom and I probably just got nervous that it didn't have a laugh track. Too many serious adult things going on. Now as an adult, it soothes me.

So, I'm just putting it out there that although I'm no Trekkie, I feel a stronger connection to this franchise than Star Wars and with QT's much broader understanding of the series I don't see any way this wouldn't potentially end up being great.