How Jules' 'Exiting the Game' chat would've gone with Marcellus

Started by Reel, October 23, 2016, 02:53:12 AM

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Jules: Hey, Big Man! How's it going, dude?

( They hug )

Marcellus: Take a seat

Jules: Listen, we been through some fucked up shit today...

Marcellus: I see you got my case.

Jules: Oh yeah! It's all safe and sound. Right here, for ya.

Marcellus flips open the briefcase to once again witness the glory inside.

Marcellus: So, are we copacetic?

Jules: Nah, man...

Marcellus lowers his glasses

Marcellus: What?!

Jules: You know the shit I went through to get you that case back? I got 4 bodies on me behind that thing, TODAY!

Marcellus: All that matters is you got it here.

Jules: You can see it whichever way you want, but I'm out.

Marcellus: You out?

Jules: I'm out, man...

Marcellus: Fuckin with me, right?

Jules: No, this time I'm serious. You know how many niggas blood I got on me right now?

Marcellus: You never was the type to get dirty

Jules: Nah, I ain't. And I didn't get into this to kill nobody neither.

Marcellus: Well, to each his own, Jules. Thank you for getting this back to me.

Marcellus takes a brick of gold out of the briefcase and hands it to Jules

Jules awkwardly stuffs into his gym shorts, but it won't fit.

Jeremy Blackman

That's not gold, it's radioactive pyrite. Now Jules can never have children.