The Hateful Eight

Started by Fernando, November 27, 2013, 09:49:27 AM

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Jeremy Blackman

Yeah, it seems odd (and unprecedented?) to release two teaser trailers with no footage. There is not much added value here.


There are fake trailers on YouTube that are ten times better than this.
combined with his whole pouting thing about the script this movie is turning out to be super whiney.

Frederico Fellini

We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

Cinema is something you do for a billion years... or not at all.


wanna go ahead and admit it just took this one ew cover to make me forgive qt for whatever bothers me about this movie. so i can't remember last week but now i look forward to this movie and appreciate qt overall

Jeremy Blackman

That reminds me of something I heard Kumail Nanjiani say on The X-Files Files just yesterday. Production and promotional stills can look very dumb without film lighting. This EW covers looks like a group of actors wearing silly costumes. Then the same people wearing the very same costumes will look amazing in the actual thing.


am i the only one that doesnt even care about the trailer anymore? i kind of just want this film to be over now.


I try to avoid most promotional things, but especially for Tarantino because the marketing is so over saturated for his films. I also really regretted how much I already knew about Django going in and would like to try enjoying one more of his films with the clean slate I had seeing Reservoir Dogs for the first time.


This looks bad, I am referring the cinematography. Richardson's style does not fit this story, it did not fit Django Unchained and it did not fit Inglorious Basterds, it did work for Kill Bill.

This looks to clean, and polished. The costumes and the beards are not working for me. I am glad Jennifer Jason Leigh is in this movie though, thats exciting. She is always playing these battered women, ( Last Exit to Brooklyn)

Nice to see Kurt Russell in the movie.

I dont understand why Tarantino did not shoot Django Unchained on 2perf but that is neither here nor there. I really really wish he would link back up with Sekula, I watch the stuff he did with him and its fucking amazing, a true marriage made in heaven! I also noticed that Sekula shot American Psycho and I really enjoyed the whole entire look of that film. I wish Tarantino would devout more time to his films looks. I love Q.T but I do not know why he feels compelled to RUSH his movies. Inglorious Basterds was rushed and severely mis-casted, with the exception of Hugo Stiglitz. Django had some production issues with people dropping out and the whole Broomhilida sequence with her fat owner was GOLD but excised for whatever reason..that sequence had a cool reference to Death Rides a Horse and was a KILLER introduction to Calvin Candie, also I don't know why Q.T cut some of the violence out of the movie, I remember hearing a report that Savani helped KNR with a effect with regards to a dismemberment scene with the runaway slave and the dogs.. Overall that movie had no traces of Spaghetti western influence or for that matter western influences. I did like that split diopter shot, it was very De Palma esque, this shot happens @ Big Daddy's plantation...

Its great that Quentin Tarantino is shooting on 65mm, I hope the whole film is shoot on 65mm. Is it VistaVision, there was a great article on VistaVision in a recent issue of Cinema Retro, great read. I believe that was Paramounts widescreen format, rather short lived but a truly revolutionary and intriguing camera movement. The film moves horizontally as apposed to vertically like in 16mm, 35mm and 65mm, pretty cool.


I found this:
Animals for Hollywood (cats provided by)

and responding to what it's shot on, I read he shot some way not used since 1968 or something but I couldn't Google what the hell I read though I found this:

here's the tech info, found same place:
QuoteUltra Panavision 70 (aka MGM Camera 65)
QuoteCinemaScope 55, which involved making larger 2X anamorphic lenses to cover a 55mm squarish negative, was labelled "Super CinemaScope" on the lenses and on their 2X anamorphic projector lens.
I'm not sure I posted a description of what they're using, here's the place:


First photo of the actual cinematography

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Flyover states, homie. God's Not Dead grossed $62.6 million. Having seen God's Not Dead, I can confirm: it is INSANE that that movie made that much.


Jeremy Blackman

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[edit] look at this goddamn mystery at the top of the page, i wonder why those otters are kissing and what that has to do with the movie, hmmmmm #rebel