HALFBORN: An Inland Empire Analysis

Started by Jeremy Blackman, May 18, 2009, 09:03:10 PM

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your writing kicks the shit out of your advertising, and i'm worried about you, dolphins, reelist and me not having another reel world chat about film noir, and trayvon martin. you're watching another lynch movie and you just gotta figure it out. you can do it. you can do it!

it's too crazy. i'm laughing too much. there are letters for how much laughing i'm having

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Quote from: Mulligan on July 17, 2013, 12:33:52 PM
So far I haven't heard anyone say anything intelligent on this entire site about anything related to movies (other than myself), I've just seen a bunch of internet message board geeks doing what internet message board geeks do, I'm hoping Blackman comes in to save the day with something intelligent!
Quote from: Mulligan on July 17, 2013, 01:08:57 PM
Please save them from understanding INLAND EMPIRE!  The last thing they need is to be introduced to the real world, message board geek world is so much better for them. haha

Speaking as an admin here for a moment, you need to adjust your attitude and stop randomly insulting people. There's an interesting and civil discussion to be had about your book, but you haven't been doing yourself any favors in the last 24 hours.


umm, last I checked I was doing you people the favor of making you aware of this book.  Talking to snarky, uneducated internet geeks who criticize anything anyone says in order to make themselves feel better about their lives (I'm guessing), isn't really you people doing me a favor. haha


fuck your book, dude. You can't even spell.


you're fucking up your advertising. the mission. please remember the mission

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Quote from: Mulligan on July 16, 2013, 08:45:28 PM

But that's why nerds on a message board are nerds on a message board.  They have no concept of the real world and no influence in it.  They exist just to tell people their favorite band sucks and their favorite director is a hack.  These are people who have never read anything, written anything, made anything, or put anything they've ever done out into the real world.  And when you explain INLAND EMPIRE to them, something they could have never done on their own in a million years, they have no clue what you're talking about.  But such is the life of irrelevant internet message board geeks. haha

one of the members of xixax made a feature film with casey affleck and rooney mara. another one is making great music videos with hundreds of thousands views on youtube. this board is filled with talent and people doing good in the real world. you wrote a fucking 40 page essay on a movie you like. do the fucking math, dude.


Here is the YouTube video Mr. Lidstone uploaded (under the username "David Lynch") to advertise his ebook.

To understand this video, you really need an understanding of World War II-era numbers stations, the founding principles of the dada movement, and to have been dropped on the head firmly and repeatedly as a small child.
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^ had a picture of honey boo boo as his facebook profile picture.... this dude is obviously not a loser.
We fought against the day and we won... WE WON.

Cinema is something you do for a billion years... or not at all.


Freddie i don't think we need to go there, that looks like it's his personal fb page.. although it's hard to tell since he seems to define himself by this one essay he wrote.

Anyway, i'm sad that i missed all the fun. Brett's post was fucking spectacular.

It's fascinating to me to see once again the classic flame out of the internet paranoiac. he was so deluded about everything on this site and the people in it, where the hell was he getting that from? if he had spent just one minute outside of this thread looking over the extensive kubrick, pta, and other kinds of analyses we have posted, he would have realised he was actually among brethren.

but that's where i made a mistake, his kind is not actually the kind of person who likes to talk about movies and hear different theories.. he's convinced the world is against him (not just xixax) and that he is the only person who can make sense of the conspiracy. that's why his book retroactively justified INLAND EMPIRE.. the movie to him really was just supplementary material for the real truth, which was his book. as someone who likes to write a lot of shit about my favourite movies and filmmakers, i'm sorry but that was total bullshit. that was the first major alarm that this dude was insane. he is on par with the dickheads who think kubrick faked the moon landings, these people are too far up their own ass.

the only real incontrovertible truth in any work of art is the work itself. any interpretation is, apart from being highly subjective, never 100% definitive. as i've said elsewhere at length, the complete work usually reflects the world in a way that goes beyond even the author's intention. the artist doesn't have to be an expert in every field in existence but their insights might resonate with every thing that does have truth. so if you're an expert in architecture you will find yourself reflected in 2OO1 as much as the dude who only thinks about mushrooms-as-catalyst-for-evolution.. Terrence Mckenna and his ilk. that's the mark of a true work of art.

i don't think INLAND EMPIRE is such a work, it may well be just a shitty puzzle for insane people to find solace in. that's the problem with Lynch and his obscurities, it encourages obsessive puzzle solving which distracts from the real truth of the film. that's why i love the Straight Story, i guess. i think for the most part he is instinctive in his creations, the truth comes from the connections between things and the strange resonance his films have with our reality. yes we're all in a dream, but it can't all be a dream, or else there is no movie (as kubrick said about EWS).  the truth is the bits that bind the two.
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I read Jeremy Blackman's post and it explained nothing.  I bought Lidstone's book and it explained everything.  Not here to pick a side because I don't know either of them, just came across this on Google looking for new stuff on Lynch.  I read this thread and then went to Amazon and Lidstone's book blew me away.  Just sayin!

Should also note that it's halarious to read people on IMDB guesse and make up wild theories about the movie.  Especially about AXXoNN...my university library has the book Lidstone identifies as being the source of it and I went through it and he's definitly correct on that.  When I saw the movie again I thought it might be ruined for me but I just enjoy it more now.