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Started by pete, February 14, 2007, 01:40:51 AM

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I could've sworn there used to be a thread about this show, but I can't find it anywhere.  so here is the new one.
there is no way to argue around this one, the wire is the best tv show ever created.  it's better than most movies and books too.  the way it figures real life details into such gripping drama is mind-blowing, also equally mind-blowing is its insight into everything, from growing up as a child in da hood to being the most powerful men in the city, and every level in between.  HOLY CRAP.
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yeah, it really is

ask crono


this show has transformed the way i see people and institutions. it's the best thing to come out of the 21st century. i read somewhere that this show was 'broadcast literature' . that's giving literature a little too much credit.
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i believe it.

to hype it up more, this is the only show that i regret not following since it started showing PURELY from the ad campaign which just showed short scenes without context, i can only imagine a whole hour of that calibre.

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I've only seen the first season so far (I'm catching up on DVD), but it really is a gripping show. 

I will probably avoid this thread for a while due to possible spoilers... I just wanted to chime in about how great the show is so far.


Hands down one of the most realistic crime cop and bad guy shows ever. Phenomenol, phenomenol stuff. Netflix it if possible, I own all three seasons that you can get on DVD. They are doing a 5th season this year I believe. I don't have HBO, so I am eagerly awaiting season 4 on dvd.
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There are NO Spoilers here.

It feels so great to discover something so amazing as this, it lived up to its hype and more, I'm not qualified to make it justice with my words so EVERYONE should just rent/buy this, I'm looking at you Mac, sometimes you say you watch some average show because there's nothing else at that moment, so do yourself a favor and buy this (you know you have the dough).

Only phrase that keeps coming to my mind while posting this is: It's impossible to overrate this show.

Cron thanks for wire me up, I owe you one bro.


this show is better than kubrick, lynch, scorsese, malick, and coppola combined.


from the blog of David Mills:

Just to tease you fans of 'The Wire'...

Here I sit in the writers' room of HBO's "The Wire" in Baltimore. I'll be writing Episode 5 of the upcoming season, thanks to my old bud David Simon.

This final season will be a shortened one – just 10 episodes. They'll start filming in a few weeks. I cannot reveal anything about the storyline, except to say that it'll surely be the funniest season ever of "The Wire"... if you like your humor dark. We're talking the "Dr. Strangelove" of police procedurals here.

Attention "Homicide" fans... I can reveal this: Clark Johnson will have a prominent role on "The Wire" this coming season, as the city editor of Baltimore's daily newspaper.

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Quote from: cronopio on May 22, 2007, 06:54:53 PM
I cannot reveal anything about the storyline, except to say that it'll surely be the funniest season ever of "The Wire"... if you like your humor dark. We're talking the "Dr. Strangelove" of police procedurals here.

YES!   :onfire:

If that doesn't make you want to check out The Wire, nothing will.


according to, the season 5 primere will be  February 3rd or February 10th, 2008.
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I wouldn't say I was skeptical of the show, it's just the in general it looked like it was "Police Cops" but when I actually saw an episode late one night, it was such a stand out.  I've never been pulled into a show, especially a midseason episode.  If anyone was waiting for my approval, this show definitely has it.
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Indeed. It's such a well done show, and I became so immersed in it, that when it came time to give that other critically acclaimed police show - The Shield - a chance, it really did just seem like "Police Cops" in comparison.

I think my favorite season is the second, with the shipping yard and James Ransone. The way in introduced, and balanced so many different social environments without seemed forced or disingenuous.

Haven't seen the fourth season - waiting for DVD.

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