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Started by Jeremy Blackman, April 22, 2015, 08:34:17 PM

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Best Film

8 (22.2%)
4 (11.1%)
The Grand Budapest Hotel
15 (41.7%)
Inherent Vice
23 (63.9%)
A Most Violent Year
4 (11.1%)
Mr. Turner
4 (11.1%)
3 (8.3%)
Under the Skin
12 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 36

Jeremy Blackman

Welcome to the 2015 Xixax Awards! These nominees have been carefully chosen by Xixax users and administrators. Vote in the poll above to help decide the winner!

You can choose up to 3 films in this category.


No Jauja or Boyhood :yabbse-thumbdown:

Why do we even bother with these awards on years with PTA films? You all forget how we all even got here?


Quote from: Kal on April 23, 2015, 11:54:48 AM
Why do we even bother with these awards on years with PTA films?

This is why you get three votes for Best Film. PTA is a gimme, so we also get to see what else people will vote for.

EDIT: Also, Jauja is going to be eligible for next year's awards. Since it was only festival showings in 2014 and didn't have its actual commercial release until 2015, it doesn't count for this round.
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Under the Skin was the best, most thought provoking, most cinematic and visually rewarding, and different movie of 2014. Glazer did steal wholesale from Chris Cunningham -- visually and meta-thematically Cunningham's fingerprints are all over this -- but if Cunningham continues to refuse to ever make a movie then fair play.

Jeremy Blackman

Does anyone need more time? We will probably wrap this up in a few days.

Jeremy Blackman

Voting has ended. The winner is:

Inherent Vice