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The Small Screen / Re: House of the Dragon
Last post by Jeremy Blackman - Today at 07:07:10 PM
I'm also not thrilled with the dragon effects, but given the ratings this show is getting, I'm hoping for a higher budget for next season.

This episode was nonstop unease and tension for me, i.e. exactly what I wanted. I couldn't wait for it to end but never wanted it to end.

Daemon continues to elicit nothing but eyerolls from me. He's a thug and a manchild and I'm just not particularly interested in his inner life. But what they're doing with Alicent is great. I can dislike her but still be fascinated by how she got where she is.

Quote from: polkablues on Today at 04:45:59 PMAlso, the dragons are boring and plot-breaking and I'm rooting for their swift extinction, but that's a separate point.

I think this story will avoid the "dragons are too powerful and make things one-sided" problem. (I haven't read F&B but am vaguely aware of what's coming.)
The Small Screen / Re: House of the Dragon
Last post by polkablues - Today at 04:45:59 PM
Yeah, lots more dragon material plus a noticeably smaller VFX budget has not proven itself to be a sustainable combination. Also, the dragons are boring and plot-breaking and I'm rooting for their swift extinction, but that's a separate point.
The Small Screen / Re: House of the Dragon
Last post by WorldForgot - Today at 01:23:59 PM
This show's biggest visual hurdle for me continues to be the 'dragon' bits. Especially when there's an actor on the mount/saddle - it feels a bit Richard Donner esque, like there's an uncanniness between the sky and the actor always. Having read the book, the dragons will only become more plentiful and I wonder how much that may irk casual audiences.

Also, it's fucking hilarious that the running gag of Muppet-named characters in the books didn't get altered for the HBO series. Grover Tully begets Elmo Tully begets Kermit Tully.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Licorice Pizza - SPOILERS!
Last post by Find Your Magali - Yesterday at 01:17:46 PM
I love to program a twinbill of 1975's Smile, followed by Licorice Pizza, and see what lightbulbs/connections go through people's heads.
News and Theory / Re: Scrooby's Musings
Last post by Scrooby - Yesterday at 01:08:24 PM

I solemnly swear I had an intuition that one Great Reader would mention those very words here, just as I was entering in my own message, and, lo (" . . And behold," said Lolita (1.47)), here they are.

And so my mind is now resolute : Scrooby on Phantom Thread in 2023.

Why do this? To celebrate this site, and the fine people on it. And, oh yeah, the storytelling genius of PTA. The work will only be available here, ever and always.

Best wishes.

First though, I have to finish the outcome of : THE BATTLE IN THE RIVER !

Book XXI

So when the Trojans, fleeing δῖος Achilles' onset,
came to the crossing of the river, the fast-flowing river
Scamander, called by gods Xanthus, waters Zeus Father conceived,
there Achilles severed their forces into two. And the one
he sent fleeing over the carnage of the plain toward the city,
where, the day before, impressive Hector had raged in frenzy
and the Achaean army had stumbled about bewildered—
in that direction Achilles sent a mass of Trojans running
for their lives. So Hera, who had boasted just moments before
of never stooping to meddle in mortal affairs, darkened
the air with a deep-grey fog, to frustrate the Trojan retreat;
but then another god promptly puffed it away with a breath,
and the sun returned to scintillate on the rushing waters
of the Xanthus, where the other half of the broken Trojan
army found themselves trapped, with the deep-flowing river cutting
off their flight, its rushing waters whirling round in silver eddies
between its overhanging banks. With a commotion of splashing
the Trojans leapt into the river, and its deep waters roared,
and cries and shouts of Trojans came up out of all the whirling,
spiralling waters that sent them this way and that way violently;
and many men tried to swim, but were caught in the eddies;
and all the noise echoed deafeningly between the steep banks.

As when at the onset of fire a swarm of locusts break
into the air toward a river; but the untiring fire
catches up, and burns their wings; so the locusts drop, and cower
under the surface of the water : just so was the deep-whirling
Xanthus filled with a muddle of men and horses and chariots
before the eyes of Achilles.

So Zeus-born rested his heavy spear among the tamarisks
on the bank of the river; then he dived in with godly grace,
with sword only; and his heart took care to work monstrous
butchery, an ill-work his victims didn't care for; and he
turned every which way and hacked and hacked, and moaning and groaning
arose all round as he struck with his blade, and the waters ran
red with blood. And as little fishes flee a broad-jawed silver
dolphin and gather in corners of a deepwater harbour
in dread, for the dolphin takes in most everything before it :
just like that the Trojans cowered in terror in the gushing
waters, struggling to whatever nook or cleft of the high
banks they might reach, to hide there, for now they were stuck.

He then lowered his hand for a moment, staying his killing.
Instead, he plucked one young man after another up and out
of the river, tossing twelve in all, still living, out onto
the banks, for his Myrmidons to lead away. These twelve would serve
as a special revenge for the death of Patroclus. He then
followed them out, and took care that these twelve, who were huddled
together quivering like fawns, had their hands well-fastened behind
their backs, with leather belts donated by his men, so that their
elegant tunics now hung loose on their enormous physiques.
He sent these men away, with their victims, down to the black ships;
then plunged back into the whirling waters, eager to destroy.

to be continued

News and Theory / Re: Scrooby's Musings
Last post by HACKANUT - Yesterday at 07:42:46 AM
Quote from: Scrooby on September 24, 2022, 03:30:57 AMAlma's pouring of the water, however, is : slow. One must do this slowly, or one spills, or burns. One must concentrate on the one thing.

So, to do this with precision, one must play it cool.

Anton's "one right tool".
News and Theory / Alma pouring afar
Last post by Scrooby - September 24, 2022, 03:30:57 AM
Alma's habit of pouring from afar?

Recall the accord between the dense drawing on New Year's Eve and "All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy" : the artist's racing, associative mind is always heated to nuclear.

Alma's pouring of the water, however, is : slow. One must do this slowly, or one spills, or burns. One must concentrate on the one thing.

So, to do this with precision, one must play it cool.

(Too cool, though, might end with icicled Jack.)
News and Theory / Re: Who's Next To Croak?
Last post by wilberfan - September 24, 2022, 12:27:24 AM
The Grapevine / Re: Piggy (Carlota Pereda)
Last post by wilder - September 22, 2022, 04:54:57 PM
In theaters October 4, 2022 / VOD October 7

This Year In Film / Re: Blonde (Andrew Dominik)
Last post by samsong - September 22, 2022, 02:39:39 PM
is the interview available to read in full online?  the two seconds i spent googling proved to be fruitless.  i'd be interested to read it.

complaints that Blonde doesn't focus on or parse out much of its run time to depict marilyn's agency or value as an artist are unfounded in that it's simply not the film that got made.  someone else can make the inspiring, edifying, fully factual version (because that's how most biographical films are, right?). calling it a biopic at all is a misnomer, really.  it has more in common with I'm Not There than something like Ray. 

at the end of the day, if Blonde is something a person can't get anything out of because they're unable to engage with it on its terms rather than focusing on what they wish it was, sucks for them.