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A24 and Emma Stone's Fruit Tree Banner Reunite On Jane Schoenbrun's 'I Saw The TV Glow'

QuoteA24 and Fruit Tree are partnering to produce I Saw the TV Glow, with Jane Schoenbrun writing and directing. The film follows two teenage outcasts who bond over their shared love of a scary television show, but the boundary between TV and reality begins to blur after it is mysteriously canceled.

Emma Stone, Dave McCary and Ali Herting will produce through Fruit Tree alongside Sarah Winshall with Smudge Films & Sam Intili. A24 will finance and handle worldwide releasing.

Schoenbrun's feature film debut, We're All Going to the World's Fair, debuted to strong reviews at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival and will be released early next year via Utopia and HBO Max. The film was also produced by Winshall.


"I Saw the TV Glow," including Phoebe Bridgers as part of Haley Dahl's side project Sloppy Jane, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Snail Mail's Lindsey Jordan and King Woman. 

QuoteJustice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine will lead the cast of "I Saw the TV Glow," which is directed by Jane Schoenbrun and is in post-production now. The film wrapped production a week ago.  The film follows two teenage outcasts (Smith and Lundy-Paine) who bond over their shared love of a scary television show. But the boundary between TV and reality begins to blur after it is mysteriously canceled. Schoenbrun wrote the script.





A vital, powerful film. About feeling trapped - within our own sense of misplaced self, and within the confines of who we are told we are. It toys with nostalgia, revels in genre, and boasts loudly that music and media can allow us to escape personal prisons

I cant wait to rewatch and write more about it and talk about it with others. Every movie has the power to change lives. This one has the power to save some.

From an interview on BW/DR:

QuoteI know I'm not the only one kind of observing what a time it is for three really special trans movies: Stress Positions, The People's Joker, as well as TV Glow. The through line I see is parodying what it's like to be alive. Do you see commonality in these films, if you have seen them? Is there something special about the way trans people see the world?

Um yes, definitely. There is something special about how trans people see the world.

I talk a lot about my love of this very specific genre of "European auteur makes a film about America." Wim Wenders's Paris, Texas (1984) or Antonioni making Zabriskie Point (1970). Or the Baudrillard book America where he's just on a road trip through the desert shit-talking America for what's beautiful and grotesque about it. My gaze is certainly informed by my outsider status as a trans person. I can see the cracks and the simulacra in a way that does have to do with the othering distance of queerness and transness. I think that is reflected in the film. There are books to be written about the trans gaze in cinema that is now just getting to be codified. I have seen both Stress Positions (2024) and The People's Joker (2022) and really dug both films. I especially think Vera [Drew]'s desire to destroy corporate IP, subvert it, transition it, mutate it, and pervert a film very close to my heart is very close to my trans heart.

But also three films by three white trans girls does not a trend make. I'm very skeptical of any narratives that say the moment has arrived, because we're all in danger and representation unto itself is not something to overinvest emotionally in. Trans film has existed for a long, long time before this moment and will continue to exist after this moment. Perhaps at this moment, there is some kind of fledgling, bubbling-up into a commercial space rather than a DIY or art space or a T4T space. But I think that it's quite nascent.

The commodification of transness into an entertainment industrial complex as emotionally and morally and capitalistically bankrupt as our current space is, is not necessarily something to celebrate unequivocally. I think it's something to tread very lightly into as we hopefully continue to do the work as a community of understanding transness as not an identitarian-based apolitical group. But in fact, as a political and ideological movement that is inherently oppositional to the binary, conservative stranglehold that cis straight white supremacist patriarchy has over all of our lives.


This extraordinary film does indeed have the power to save lives, and I reckon the sticky, unwashed floors of many an American Cineplex are presently littered with furiously shattered egg shells.

"Trans film has existed for a long, long time before this moment and will continue to exist after this moment." All I want in life post-transition is to make a significant contribution to the movement and help continue pushing trans film forward/ever higher in the cultural stratosphere.


I didn't see the TV Glow and thus my life is doomed.



Park Circus is bringing I SAW THE TV GLOW to the UK, Iceland, South Africa, and Ireland!

July-August cities and dates: https://parkcircus.fr/film/121349-I-Saw-the-TV-Glow