Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson (10th feature, TBA)

Started by Montclair, September 21, 2021, 09:35:17 PM

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Damn, spoilers! Some of us are still catching up on the pre-2000s flicks ;p

Joking of course.
All the desert pics send me back to the days of No Country for Old Men rollout. Can't wait to feel this film's specific sense of chase, though.


I don't know why exactly, but something about the BTS tidbits and photos makes me think that this is going to be PTA's version of a John Carpenter movie.

max from fearless

If the tone was as propulsive, taut and relentless as the times we are living in, this could be something very.............Honestly, No Country for Old Men and TWBB in the same year was a cosmic occurence. So, curious to meet the mood of this thing...


Note the return of a vibe remarked on earlier in this thread—the inherent humor in Leo's character. In the video just above, he seems, possibly, in the first shot, not very savvy with weaponry; yet in the second shot looks as precise as Charles Whitman. Though, of course, he's wearing a bathrobe? Like the Big Lebowski? And Jack at the Overlook? And in one shot, during his retreat he seems to trip up—the comedy of fouling up a victory lap? . . . Which suggests a scroobiplexity of tone : the wacky (e.g., falling off a chair) is wedded to cool predatory precision. What takes place here evokes a War of the Worlds- and The Thing-type open question : What happened inside the crater?