Pete's Dragon

Started by matt35mm, February 21, 2016, 11:06:16 PM

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Howard Shore is so littered with goldmines, he goes Sliver, M. Butterfly, Mrs. Doubtfire, Philadelphia, The Client, Ed Wood, and that's a '93-'94 stretch... i didn't list his credits because i guessed him locked into everyone's mind. i think of Howard Shore standing on his own name, like John Williams. to clarify that. and i think the manner of Ghostboy's reply has what i call the Lowery Touch. it's coming to Disney. it's a bit like this is how i'll see a person, who started with backyard rockets, this person lands on the moon while i watch on the screen. well, couldn't Pete's Dragon be called landing on Mars? it can be, because we're imagining. and these are big screen imaginations from Texas that landed at Disney. this tone with a dragon and emotions i'm excited about, this cast and crew, and his feature future i hear bits of news about... you know... this is only one planet on some type of space traveling career through cinema.




GB you're the man. This looking amazing. I love the sun-kissed look of it all. In my mind that's a perfect trailer, or teaser rather.

I'll be there opening night.


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Wow, I can't wait to see this.


Incredibly hyped!! Everything about this movie looks amazing. The poster, the trailer, it's been a long time since I've felt excited about a Disney movie.


I always thought/wished that someone from this forum could make it, and fortunately GB is not alone.

I'm so glad that he's living his childhood dream, how do I know?

This is his first xixax post.

Quote from: Ghostboy on January 25, 2003, 08:19:17 PM
I've been writing scripts since I was about seven, but the first time I ever wrote one that managed to be feature length (i.e. over 90 pages) was when I was seventeen. And I went way over 90 pages...I think it was somewhere around 150.

I looked over it again recently, and was surprised to see that it wasn't THAT bad. Just too long, overly descriptive.

Now, the script I wrote when I was thirteen immediately after seeing 'Pulp Fiction' THAT'S bad. It even has a fast food monologue! Argghh. Live and learn. And get original.


So happy for GB!

This looks amazing. Following the production diary was amazing. The fact that there is already so much excitement among the general public for this movie is amazing.

Can't wait to take my 6yo to see this opening weekend. Be sure to let us know if you're doing any events for the release in DFW!
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the excitement from members who know Ghostboy through the years is really the best part of this. for sure. bonus points for mentioning kids. btw.

then, i wanted to treat it like a movie. a goddamn Disney movie, for crying out loud.
i think when i first watched the teaser i did the typical thing to do, which is i first thought about what i wanted the teaser to be.
and the Lowery Touch means he's making a movie only the way he would.
so, upon reflection and whatnot, i'd now say that stripping the boy of his background is a quality with features i appreciate, since, unable to know his background, the audience learns about him as a person before they learn about him as a definition.
that's some smooth operating, really, in terms of where you allow your narrative to roam.
this opens the movie into functions dictated not by definition, but by experience.
for kids, through Disney.
and it's laid out in the teaser.
that's impressive as hell, and i admire the pursuit of a particular vision within the multiplex realm, for fundamental reasons.



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I like how his fur color is definitely camouflage, with that deep forest green and an earthy brown. I wonder if it changes at all.

Alternate theory: the Dragon is actually a fiery hellbeast who masks his unspeakable visage with mind illusion, appearing to Pete as pictured.

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A furry dragon? The only other thing similar I can recall is Falcor from The Neverending Story, but I don't anyone considers him a dragon. I always thought of him as a creepy giant flying dog.


Reading some site's comment sections regarding the new image, it's truly impressive how many people can simultaneously hold the viewpoints "Nobody does anything creative anymore" and "That's not what a dragon is supposed to look like!" without their brains liquefying from cognitive dissonance.
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