Worst Film

Started by modage, March 03, 2011, 08:50:29 AM

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Worst Film: TRON: LEGACY


I'm Still Here
The Kids Are All Right
Tron: Legacy
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I like that the most soulless film won. As much as I hated Kids are all right, and was underwhelmed by Machete, movies like Tron Legacy have a special place in hell.

Don't understand the hate for I'm Still Here.


This was my only disappointment.  Of course Tron sucked, but this category is meant to pull power from a Best Picture nominee like The Kids Are Alright.

I liked Tron way better than TKAAR


The Kids Are All Right isn't a horrible movie, it's just kind of an average movie that's forgettable. Tron actually sucked.

Somewhere and Machete are the worst of the bunch though.
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I'm kind of bummed this won too. Tron sucked. We all knew that. I think it was a given that it sucked.

I was going to vote Machete, but at the last second changed my vote to Somewhere. Machete is bad, but knows it sort of. Sofia thought she was making an artistic statement with Somewhere, and it's awful.

Still, they're all pretty bad. We did good here.
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