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Started by MacGuffin, March 06, 2010, 02:14:36 AM

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I just thought it was kind of silly at times. When one of the aliens is sporting a propeller hat and is obviously the nerdy one, I stopped taking it seriously.
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Quote from: Stefen on March 10, 2010, 01:55:44 AM
I just thought it was kind of silly at times. When one of the aliens is sporting a propeller hat and is obviously the nerdy one, I stopped taking it seriously.

Huh?  Why was he "obviously the nerdy one"?

The propeller hat was used to show that the aliens had little to no idea of Earth culture, they would wear anything, even if it was as ridiculous (to us) as a propeller hat.  It's like when you see a Homeless person with a Windows 98 shirt or something on... you don't look at the guy and say "what a nerd".
Sure, they put the hat on a character we're not supposed to take as seriously, but that's because it wouldn't have gotten away with putting it on the main alien.

And, I was mostly messing around with listing what will be remembered in 20 years and didn't mean for it to turn into such a silly argument.


please someone make a banner of that alien with the propeller hat and put "the nerdy ones" next to the picture.


hahaha yes please

Quote from: RegularKarate on March 10, 2010, 10:58:23 AM
It's like when you see a Homeless person with a Windows 98 shirt or something on... you don't look at the guy and say "what a nerd".

reminds me I saw last summer a homeless guy wearing a clean green sweatshirt with ''Mrs. Doubtfire" embroided in pink on it. No pictures, no vhs cover, no actor names. It was weird!


not to derail the thread any further, but for those new to xixax and apparently those who never really cared to know how these things work, the text and the picture are both randomized individually. we'd need a good quote to put in the mix so that one day one of us MIGHT see the two next to each other. seems pretty futile so they're usually created to be individually self-contained, text and pic.

only quote from this debacle so far could be:

we look at homeless ppl and think "what a nerd"
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the line "the nerdy ones" is still funny on it's own haha...


Quote from: ρ on March 10, 2010, 11:51:50 AM
not to derail the thread any further

Now THERE'S a marquee.
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*it's like south africa!


i love this film if only for the post above.

it's disguised as a meat head film but it's actually much better, it's like T2 in that way, except that in this case the sleight of hand makes meat heads explode with obnoxiousness at even the possibility that it's more than just standard action fare. that's what's behind the offence the haters are taking with this movie, other than the ppl who think it's "only OK" and are just reasonable ppl who aren't into smart meat head movies.. it's just too much for actual meat heads to handle.

it never struck me as a love it or hate it kinda film. the meat heads proved me wrong.
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like any good democracy, australia being the best example, these awards should be done with a preferential ballot. first past the post is so obsolete.  hopefully this can be re-evaluated for next year's award season.

there is no reason this site has to follow in the entrenched footsteps of the oscars or our outdated voting systems in canada and the united states.

(oh i forgot with the 10 nominees i think they did have a preferential ballot for that award in the oscars anyway)
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That sounds like more work for the admins. Not sure how I feel about that...
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i think we did preferential voting with the dekapenticon or something else and it was HEAPS more work and in the end the result was no different than our usual method. i don't think anyone has ever cared this much about the xaxies before, i continue to be amazed that sock has taken it upon himself to revolutionise/rebel against the local message board awards system.

good suggestion for democracy but who can be bothered and who really cares for the purposes of yearly film lists decided by a bunch of freaks.
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I care, and would help with the burden if need be. I'm rebelling against flaws, because contrary to what you think i am quite fond of the local message board awards system and the freaks that contribute. it just seemed that the speculation made on the threads lead to a belief that votes were getting split, which casts doubt on the winners. this was the logical answer.  viva la revolution. if it's not a possibility then that's cool, my analogies were a little verbose lol.
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there's nothing special about this year's awards. the best film won. sometimes the worst film wins (children of men). the "speculation" you mention happens every year when there isn't a clear favourite.

would u be rebelling against the flaws if you agreed with the result? you've been posting here since 2003 and this is the first time the flaws in the system hav been apparent to you? the only thing that has any correlation to modern politics is your behaviour, it sounds a lot like the republican method in america right now..

if u want, bring it up again in 10 months when ppl start remembering that the xixax awards are a thing. but i don't think u'll be able to help cos it takes 5 ppl to count (and recount) the thing as it is, one more is not gonna help when the work increases 10-fold.
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