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Started by Jeremy Blackman, December 08, 2003, 12:05:13 PM

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That's great. Does anybody know, generally speaking, is there usually an edit built into most pan whips or does it whip in whatever direction and it's still the same shot?

If my memory serves me correctly I think I came to the conclusion there were no cuts in a lot of the Magnolia ones apart from the obvious. I could be very wrong though.

Jeremy Blackman

Yeah, a traditional whip pan will have an edit. You just join the 2 edit points where the images are moving fast. And in the same direction. That's pretty much all you have to do... whip pans are surprisingly easy.

The whip pan in that clip works especially well because they're whipping from trees to trees. (And there's clearly an edit, cause the guy can't be standing in both places.)



Guess this could go here.  (It's an homage by PTA.)



This is from 2014, but I couldn't find any mention of it here.  Did you guys ever see Topher Grace's re-edit of "Angels Live in My Town"?  The video is at the end of the article.


Really makes me want to see the entire film by which we all remember Jack Horner.


Someone named "Boyd Waltman" on Youtube has edited almost a dozen PTA tribute vids.  (We're all coping in our own ways.)


I would have tweaked the title a bit, but the kid does a pretty good job here.



I'm choosing to call this an homage.   Or, maybe it just made me smile and I wanted to share.



I consider this weird ass shit




Pfff.  No Freddie & Lancaster?  Points off for that...


This HAS to be well-known around here already, right??  It was referenced in the Nayman/PTA interview today, and being very uncool, I had no idea what he was referencing.    I'll nuke it if it's old news.




LOL.  Too good.  I've seen this before way back when.  And I always thought of this song when the window/wall scene is happening.  This cannot be "One of those things..."  This, please, cannot be that.  Someone needs to show PTA this.  I'm sure he'd lose his shit too.  It may as well be a red band trailer.

Also, someone in the comments says that PTA jokingly confirmed on twitter that this was a reference to the song.  A quick bit of Google fu and I found the tweet!



I haven't dug very deep yet...what's the song about?   I'm hearing references to testicles and perspiration.   :yabbse-grin: