I just saw Hard Eight for the first time

Started by Banky, December 01, 2003, 07:43:58 PM

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i thought M&H was okay, but i wouldnt want to watch it again.
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actually, i agree...


Quote from: bigideasi finally got it, it was out of stock.
nice to finally see it in widescreen glory.
i've listened to the first 30 minutes of the PTA/PBH commentary.
i didn't know what to think when he started out singing from the get go.
i guess i need to see Melvin and Howard and Bob LeFlambeur.

i think it's hilarious when John asks for a bucket in the casino. i also like the velcro shoe strapping before leaving the room with Sydney.
some how I've seen this movie twenty years ago.


listened through both of the commentaries.
man, that PBH can talk.
i liked the isolated score. i guess i could actually make myself a CD of it.
on the second commentary there is a different Aimee Mann song playing over the credits.
was there an officially released soundtrack?

all this talk about Cigs & Coffee makes me want to see PTA's shorts.
i guess the whole dvd of shorts and videos is never going to happen.
someone make it happen please!!
i'm sure we'll all glady cover the costs.
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Quote from: bigideaswas there an officially released soundtrack?

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This was a good movie. Don't get me wrong, it's not "Magnolia" or "Boogie Nights" or even "Punch Drunk Love".

All of his films now seem to have something really really remarkable about them, this didn't.  I mean, "Punch Drunk Love" with Jeremy Blake's artwork or the music that pounded in each sceen, the cinematography; all of it was there.

BUT.. this movie did move slow.  I liked the concept of how Sydney just hide his past and its mistakes.  He carried a huge monkey on his back, and you could see his emotion ride out on the screen and that was John and Clementine. It was just a solid story, nothing more, not flash and dance, just a great story and wonderful acting.

The more I watch this... the more I respect it and cheerish it.


Quote from: ckad79...the cinematography...
Give it a chance on a 42" HD widescreen plasma with progressive scan DVD player.

This film is beautiful..!!

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Sorry I'm late.

I was just wondering if anyone saw Hard Eight Before all his other films?


no, it was actually the last one i saw. here is the order i saw them:
Boogie Nights
Punch-Drunk Love
Hard Eight
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mac might've.  i saw it after boogie but before the rest.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Here's my order:
Hard Eight
Boogie Nights
Punch Drunk Love
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Quote from: themodernage02mac might've.

I don't even think mac might've