I just saw Hard Eight for the first time

Started by Banky, December 01, 2003, 07:43:58 PM

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I'm in.  What do we need to know about ordering and/or whether it will play in this region?

It's region-free, available from Imprint's online shop.


Uber PTA Nerds, I need  your help:

I've recently reconnected with a friend (in fact my first roommate from 1974 (!)) whom I've convinced to rewatch one PTA feature a week so that we can discuss at length.

This week was HARD EIGHT. 

The thing that stood out for me the most was a question to me:  "Do you know why Stanley DeSantis got such a special thanks in the credits?".  I had no idea--in fact I wasn't even sure I knew who he was.

Was very surprised to figure out he went on to play Jerry in BOOGIE NIGHTS (Buck's stereo store boss--"You dig?") 

My friend knew him from her travels in the late 70s, early 80s in the world of merchandising/gift stores.  (In addition to managing an actual LICORICE PIZZA store--she also worked at Aahs, "The ultimate gift store"--which was an offshoot of LP).  She said Stanley had a side gig back then of putting clever things on T-shirts--and, in fact, was the first guy to make/sell WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO IS DIRECT t-shirts.

Anyway, does anyone know the connection/relationship between Stanley and a very young PTA--or his contribution to SYDNEY that Paul would give special thanks to him in the credits?

A sad footnote is that Stanley died at age 52 in 2005.


Wow! That's pretty cool that you know a legit LP manager, and that she's got such sweet trivia to dig in to. Don't have anything to offer, but that's a dank Hard Eight post frfr. It seemz he was quite a regular appearance. Even getting a namesake character in Curb!

QuoteWhen not acting, DeSantis owned and managed a clothing-and-memorabilia business, Passing 4 Sane, and a novelty soap company, Bubbletown, both of which were primarily involved in licensed characters.


This one iz fly for sure.