Quirky delights in Punch-Drunk Love... discuss them here

Started by Marty McSuperfly, February 08, 2003, 03:57:04 AM

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Quote from: oakmanc234Little stuff I liked.....

-When he absolutely goes off at his sister over the phone 'I'm gonna f***in' kill you!!! You want that?!!!

That cracked me up just reading it. One of my favourite bits though. Its so funny but at the same time you're rooting for Barry finally standing up for himself.
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small funny things noticed:

After Barry breaks the funger and takes the call from his sister in his office, Lance is in the background whacking 1 then 2 fungers against the bench (which don't break) ..... when he plays the harmonium (just before he walks into the door) someone is sweeping up the broken funger.

When Barry is on the phone trying to cancel his credit card, he asks the operator what her name is. Then in the next cut, when he is finishing off the call, I believe he is talking to a different lady operator! Kinda as if he pursued her for more personal info so she put him onto a different operator. Probably a stretch, but just an interpretation.
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I'm shocked nobody's said this yet, but when Lance pulls a sudden slapstick moment and flips backwards, landing right on his ass and getting right back up again, like nothing happened. Hilarious.


i read that that wasn't planned. it just happened and they left it in.
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Yeah thats what I heard as well. A very quirky delight nonetheless.
Another one I enjoyed was Sandler fearing the harmonium as its dropped off the truck mysteriously.


As reported on Greg's site...

A little birdie told me that the "mysterious girl" dressed in red during the Pudding Scene of PDL is none other than Mya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live. Pretty interesting...
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:idea:...to revive an old thread:
didnt bother reading most posts so fuckit;

member the first shot of barry in the supermarket? tickles me.
when hes kinda jus floatin n lookin to make some healthy choises....shits so hot, yo....dontchyathink?
mos def hes not walkin, luv to ask pta bout that healthy lil stylistic choise, why he made it, works perfectly but i dunno why, fuckin kid drinks his milk.

i guess this is what i was noticing as u were all ignoring the foreground staring at that fuckin red blob..no offence to mya, shes one of the cuter snl gals.

guffy, get crackin wit that redirect.
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I just like for once that a romantic comedy (sorta) is not predicible....I am a sucker for Romantic comedies (yes, I know), but I know what is always gonna happen....

Here....you just have to keep on watchin'...it makes you want to see more, cause you don't know, you want to know, and just when you think you got it....

"Here We GO"

That sneaky fucker, that paul, ends the damn movie.  I am left sitting there wanting to see more Sandler/Watson, more PSH, more pudding, and more of JB's art... to where it actually makes me trip....as well as countless quirky delights.


Someone pointed out the FROGGER machine in Dean's Office.
I may be scraping for mine, but there's gotta be other Sandler references in this film.

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Anyone else care to scrape the barrel with me?


Three things that haven't been mentioned that I loved -

- Barry walks into the living room.  "You have rice in your hair."

- Barry's first trip to the supermarket - Andersen's Soup.  Anyone else notice this?

- The way Lance is looking at Lena when she's asking Barry out.  Like he's assessing whether she's good enough for him or not.  

Another thing that probably everyone has noticed - that little red dot moving over the phone booth when Barry is trying to get hold of Lena.  When I first saw this, I thought Barry was about to be taken out by a sniper!


this thread is insane! i love it... anyway, like someone else mentioned before i love the part where barry turns off his lights by clapping! ha ha! i was rolling on the floor! and i also thoroughly enjoyed the part when barry's in his warehouse and he's looking at his harmonium and then the sliding doors doors open up and barry has this insanely scared look on his face. it's pretty hilarious! kinda reminds me of the 'ow ow ow ow ow!' part when one of the brothers is about to hit him. i also enjoyed the part where barry's running from the brothers and you never actually see them until they catch up to him and tell him that they know where he lives. and why they don't run him over with the truck is beyond me. and just killed him there instead of going to his house and trying to do him in there. but anyway, yeah and before barry's running down the street he dives over this railing thing and it's so awesome you don't expect it and then all of a sudden he's airborne and you're like 'wow!' and then he falls out of the camera and then you see him really small at the bottom like he fell a long ways! it's insane! but anyway, yeah i LOVED that part when lance's chair breaks! ha ha! it was just too much and i keeled over and died! it was that funny! but yeah.. . this is all. oh yeah and i felt so good for barry when he was yelling at his sister in hawaii. i like 'yeah!'. i also enjoyed when he broke the glass doors. notice that he broke the first one with his bare hand! what a hero! and the third one comes crashing to the ground. 'twas excellent! and when he was talking to lena on the phone and when she answers and the phone booth lites up! i was screaming! it went crazy!! and the last time i was watching it my buddy jonny told me that he thought this one guy was never gonna move cuz he was kinda blocking barry's face. yeah i heard that parade wasn't supposed to happen and so they did it the next day and there was a parade going on and they just shot it there. but anyway.... enough of my loser antics
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oh yeah and i forgot to say that i laugh like crazy everytime i see barry running from the brothers and he goes into the alley and right after he stops pounding on the door he peeks around the corner and does this weird barking/drool noise. i didn't catch it until jonny mentioned it
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did anyone else notice....when he kicks the windows in, and everybody starts yelling at him, to his right, on the wall, is a portrait of him making a goofy face and wearing his blue suit.


Alright, I'm doing a paper on cinematography and mise-en-scene and basically the "quirky delights" in Punch-Drunk Love.  Been working on it a while.  It's due Monday.  This thread is ripe with stuff (and I plan to cite it, of course).  I just wanted to know if anyone has anything to add, or any other resources they could point my way on this, or perhaps any of the films and directors PTA drew from to create this film.  For starters, the iris effect, Tati, Ophuls (?), and anything else.  The more specific, the better.  Thanks.


Quote from: OnomatopoeiaAlright, I'm doing a paper on cinematography and mise-en-scene and basically the "quirky delights" in Punch-Drunk Love.

Interview with Elswit in this thread:

Quote from: Onomatopoeiaany of the films and directors PTA drew from to create this film.  For starters, the iris effect, Tati, Ophuls (?), and anything else.

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