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Started by Jeremy Blackman, November 17, 2021, 03:17:07 PM

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Impishly offensive takeaway?


I have a rule where I'll pretty much take any PTA ranking seriously as long as Sydney is last. This guy has my favorite PTA film(The Master) after Sydney. His opinion means nothing to me.


Licorice Pizza Might Finally Win Paul Thomas Anderson an Oscar

QuoteHow to describe Paul Thomas Anderson's Oscars track record? Over the past two-plus decades, he's become one of the most reliably nominated filmmakers of the period, if still consistently kept at arm's length by the Academy. He entered 2017 with six nods to his name, and yet it was something of a surprise when his eleventh hour contending film from that year, the critically adored Phantom Thread, was cited for both best picture and best director. He's revered in this town, no doubt. But the Oscars sure make him work for it.

Yet where the film really sings—and where I think you'll find its true Oscar potential—is in how heartfelt it is. Anderson has never been averse to showing a softer side, exactly, but this is a very funny comedy that doubles as the sweetest movie he's ever made. Whether in the sheer brutality of There Will Be Blood or the shaggy coolness of Inherent Vice, Anderson's work often projects a—successful!—distance. Here he presents people to fall in love with, and warmly follows them navigating a wild world.

I expect the Academy to respond to that, even as this also means the movie's relatively low stakes could translate to more challenging campaigns in picture and director, where more outwardly weightier work is usually favored. (And yes, the screenplay categories are quite predictive of the best-picture winner, but again, there are exceptions.) In any case, the screenplay is the obvious play, and there's plenty of potential below the line.


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Impishly offensive takeaway?

Was feeling peckish the other night, so I ordered an impishly offensive takeaway. Half an hour later, a licorice pizza turned up on my doorstep.


26th Satellite Awards Nominations - by the International Press Academy (IPA)

Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
Director - Paul Thomas Anderson
Screenplay, Original - Paul Thomas Anderson
Actress in Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical - Alana Haim
Film Editing - Andy Jurgensen



Agreed. It's a large part to some of the major laughs in the film.

and its
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sweet finale
iz all in the cuts



LP has won Best Film, Best Director and Breakthrough Performance for Alana Haim & Cooper Hoffman :bravo:


Congratulations! :bravo: The recognition is always good, though being named NBR winner is not much a blessing and more of a curse...


How so?  I must admit, the recognition is nice--but I have no idea what The National Board of Review is--or does--or why we should care?


I've no idea why anybody would care about the Oscars either. But they're awards! And we're at awards talk!


"Licorice Pizza leads..." is cool enough no matter if these awards are worth anything or not. I guess it is a good sign for the award season and hopefully we will see more such headlines in the coming weeks.


Yeah, I'm on record as having fallen deeply OUT of love with the Oscars beginning around a decade ago.  Still.  I would congratulate Paul on an Oscar if he won one.


Yeah, I agree that the recognition is what's important here, and like the rest of us, I don't care about awards that much anymore. However, just for the sake of award season talk though, since it's a thread about it, NBR has always got this notoriety that its winners have almost never won at the Oscars.

Anyways, Paul had picked up a few NBR awards in the past, I think for both Inherent Vice and Phantom Thread? It's good to see that NBR's love for him remains.