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Started by Punch Drunk Hate, November 30, 2017, 10:49:34 PM

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Hello there !  :waving:

I was in vacation in London the last few days and take the opportunity to go check the filming location of Phantom Thread.
I also tried to reproduce one of the exterior shots of the movie with my phone. (Funny thing : It made me realize that they problably erased that building on the top corner left in post-production)

I'm sharing that with you as I figured out you would maybe appreciate !  :wink:




[Self-Aggrandizment Warning]

I'll be paying particular attention to the acknowledgments!  😎

(Uh oh.  Am I gonna have to cough-up $120 for the hardcover?  Maybe he'll autograph it for me...)

[edit] By way of possible explanation for the hardcover price, a friend told me, "That's very common from university presses. The hardcovers are meant for libraries and very well bound."


A friend of mine really liked the cover--which didn't impress me a lot, tbh.  It's a nice candid shot of Paul--but him running a video camera?  Mmmm.  I don't know.  If they were determined to go candid, Paul-using-a-non-film camera, I think they should have licensed one of my shots for the cover.  :wink:

Jeremy Blackman

Yeah, I'm not sure Paul would appreciate the cover being a grainy still of him squatting like he's about to take a poo.


(Not obvious I was joking?  He did line-up shots in that exact stance more than once, just for the record.)  :oops:

Jeremy Blackman

Well played. I honestly thought that was the real cover. Didn't see the original post.  :doh:



Academy screening host Paul Thomas Anderson appearance last night.


Rats.  Really sorry I missed this one.  My viewing on the 21st with Dano will have to suffice, I guess.


First trailer for POD THOMAS ANDERSON, "A nine-part audio documentary".  (From the INCREMENT VICE folks.)  A companion to the THE CINEMA OF PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON: AMERICAN APOCRYPHA book coming in Apr '23.



At last, another podcast about underexposed filmmaker PT Anderson. (I joke, I'm sure it'll be interesting.)


Paul moderated a Q&A of 'Thirteen Lives' with Ron Howard recently. There's the audio of the whole session: