HAIM - "Valentine"

Started by velociraptor, April 27, 2017, 09:45:40 AM

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Quote from: Drill on October 30, 2019, 03:22:34 PM
He has no ideas for music videos anymore other than "walk around while I shoot" ? This is almost exactly the same as the last one. How much is he getting paid for these?

Must admit I feel the same about all these HAIM videos, but maybe my complete disinterest in the music isn't helping either. As others have said, seems like more of a proving ground for lens tests and experiments with colour/costume/movement.


I wonder how much input the sisters have in terms of story/setting/concept...?    Maybe they like the walk-n-sing thing and he's making it happen as creatively as possible.


Nah, it's him. The Joanna Newsom one was the same thing.


a sense of family: they are sisters. their mother was a school teacher of his. they are professional musicians. he is a professional camera-related person. they all already live near each other. pta has filmed musicians walking around since fionna apple, into radiohead, now haim. his production history indicates community conversation regarding creative development. his production history indicates interest in the type of photography being implemented

the distress about disinterest in haim is unrelated to a rational conversation about the music video that's going along fine enough but just with vocal personal distress at the forefront as well. it's all human


I like the videos and have no problem with any aspect of it.

Gotta say though, Haim is one of the few huge pop bands in America and they are signed to a major label. I'm sure he's getting paid as well as any director of any music video would these days. And he deserves it.

Something Spanish

Just watched the new one, think it's great. There's a lot more going on then just walking around, it's interesting throughout. very cool PTA flex.


Some really nice images here... lots of whimsy and sweetness mixed in with the gloomier vibes. Love the on the sleeve emotionality of PTA's work in general and I think it pairs well with this song.

It hasn't been that quiet a year for PTA fans after all! I'm definitely grateful for this year's Haim collaborations and for Anima. And separate from the filmmaking, there were all those contributions to that CNN movies series over the summer... really appreciated so many of his comments there... that story he tells about Rocky and his mother was moving. That one has stuck with me for some reason.

And if he's making these music videos quickly (I think one of the Haim bandmates mentioned that these videos are sort of done "guerrilla style" or something like that) then it really doesn't show. That's partly what made watching this so invigorating. Just my impression of his skills being tested in an especially time sensitive way and the results still exuding all of the usual confidence and flair.


With the 70s vibes of the new video, and PTA's history of using music videos as camera tests, I wonder if the new film will look similar.


I love this new one! I didn't like the last one at all, but this one has so much camera movement, variety in the shots, LA scenery, 70s vibes, etc., and a good story. How could I not love it?





Now with less walking. But still some.


I'm amazed at how flat all these songs sound.


These must be a good way to keep yourself sharp, for, say, something feature-length.  :yabbse-smiley:


Was bracing myself for yet another cover of probably the most over-covered song of all time, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. This is not that. Not by a long shot.