Boogie Nights 20th Anniversary

Started by modage, October 10, 2012, 09:16:02 AM

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I just squirted a little.

Think you can do it again if we need a close-up?


It's fun to read that interview from the perspective of the present--and then read it as if it was 1997 and we didn't know squat about this young, cocky filmmaker.   Thanks for the share!


Loved the part where he starts describing what will be What Do Kids Know in Magnolia and the interviewer thinks he never worked on the real life show.

And wow that was a hard deflect when the subject of his mother came up.

Find Your Magali

What was it about?

I think somebody was sworn to vengeance.


Maybe I should have alerted the Smithsonian.  Breaks my heart every time I think about how I could be chillin' on an authentic piece of cinema history. :yabbse-cry:


"Maurice t.t. Rodriguez"

His lower-case middle initials are such a specific choice.  What's the significance?


On the face of it I'd guess it's a nickname because he's fat and had tits?


I'll put this here, cuz I'm not sure where else it should go.   

Very cool.

Auction of Ricky Jay's astounding collection of magic books, ephemera, and curiosities

Wonder if Paul would bid on something...

Just occurred to me:  I wonder if there is a Ricky/Reed connection?  Did Reed do magic in The Dirk Diggler Story??


I haven't seen The Dirk Diggler story in awhile, but I think there's definitely a connection. Remember on the commentary how Paul found it so funny that one of the people Reed is showing his shitty magic tricks to at some point is a bemused Ricky Jay? He's definitely the real life inspiration for why Paul has Reed do magic, but I wouldn't say it goes further than that.


So nice to see her acknowledge the anniversary.   And huge smiles on Reilly and Reynolds as they shake hands.   Wish I'd been there...


Burt looks embarrassed! But I'm probably reading into it because I'm guessing he already felt good about the film once he was nominated