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ask him when he plans to finally finish his metal gear solid film.



Could you describe how your screenwriting process changed/evolved over the years? In interviews during the Boogie Nights/ Magnolia era, you suggested the characters and stories poured out during moments of inspiration. Since your later films, especially The Master are focused on one or two characters instead of ensemble pieces, do you spend more time researching the character (ie. his backstory) than before? Do you put more emphasis on how a character will reveal the themes and ideas youre trying to work out, more than a traditional story? Is focusing your story on fewer characters able to give them a depth and richness you weren't able to in an ensemble cast like magnolia?


This may seem like a really simply obvious question, but I always wanted to know how PTA holds his laughter during the ridiculously, absurdly fucking hilarious moments in his films? Especially when they just come from left field without him knowing? (MASTER SPOILER) I read in a recent interview that he had to leave the room when Amy Adams was reading Victorian porn (END SPOILER). How often does that happen?! Some of these moments seem improvised even!

The main reason why it seems so much harder to hold your laugh in PTA's films than in shooting a normal comedy movie is because most of the time it's hilarious in how serious the context is. It must be impossible to not just burst.


When Plainview puts the tablecloth on his head! WTF. I sometimes laugh through that whole scene.

Anything with Daniel Plainview really.

Anything with Adam Sandler.

Anything with Philip S. Hoffman

Goes on...

Has his laughter ever been caught in the audio track? I can't even imagine holding that shit in on set.



Well, I read somewhere else that the Vic porn thing was improvised.  He came across it and thought to himself, wouldn't it be funny as hell to get Amy to read this.  So he did.  He's still just a horny teenager at heart, that one.


I have a question about "Sydney/Hard Eight". I know that it was filmed on 35mm, so the director has a choice of different aspect ratios.

I think that both 1.33 and 2.35 versions on the "Hard Eight" DVD are inadequate. In 2.35, there are close-ups of John C. Reilly that cut off his head. It just doesn't look good.

So, my question is, can we have an alternate 1.85 aspect ratio version of "Sydney" that would open up the black bars, and capture more image on top and bottom, as well as left and right side?

Since "The Master" is filmed in 1.85, I think that "Sydney" could be a wonderful aspect ratio soul mate to "The Master". It's my dream to watch "Sydney" on Bluray in 1.85!


It was filmed in Super35 before PTA was allowed budgets that granted him to shoot anamorphically as he did in every film outside of The Master.  I'm not sure what shot you're talking about specifically, but it was most likely intentionally framed that way.  Outside of the horribly out of focus steadicam shot of PBH walking up the stairs into the hotel, the film is shot and lit superbly.
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I'm not smart enough to attach images, so I put them into a youtube video. The images I captured through the VLC media player aren't exact, but they're pretty close.  This shot is from the cash-to-tokens sequence, but there are more examples.

I agree that "Sydney" is shot and lit superbly. It's the 2.35 version (on the Sony Region 1 DVD) that seems badly botched, so I watch the 1.33 version instead.

The 1.33 version doesn't look right either (too much "dead" space in the top and bottom of the image), but at least it doesn't cut off John C. Reilly's head.

Hence, I dream of a 1.85 compromise for "Sydney", if it ever comes out on Bluray. Also, I believe that close-ups look much better in 1.85 than 2.35, which is why I adore "The Master". "Sydney" is a chamber piece, just like "The Master", and 1.85 just seems ideal (to me) for both of these masterpieces.

David Thomson wrote in the 2002 edition of the Biographical Dictionary of Film:

"Magnolia is PTA's most youthful and indulgent film - and Hard Eight, his best and most austere."

P Heat

How possible is this interview still ?

I want one of the Mods or CJ, whoever can get in touch with PTA with these questions to ask..

Ask P.T if he watches Dave Attell's "Dave's old porn" show in showtime. Also if he would like to be one of th e "friends" that comes over and talks shit lol. how fucking great would that be. PT has to still love old porn.
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anyway it was after i posted my first serious fanalysis. after the long post all he could say was that the main reason he wanted to see the master was cos of all the red heads.


^That's a great question. Love that show, wish I had showtime so I could watch it.

Has PTA ever mentioned what his favorite film is, like ever? Don't say Ted or I'll fucking kill you.


On the spot he named "The Black Stallion" during the Aero Q&A

PTA: My all time favorite movie? Right now my all time favorite movie would be, oh God I don't want to – you go first.
ADAM SANDLER: Yeah, no I don't really have a favorite I have one's that rocked me as a kid that I thought about the most. You know what blew me away as a kid? Oliver. That killed me.
PTA: The Black Stallion just popped into my head, a movie I loved when I was a kid.
ADAM SANDLER: Yes, yes. That was a great one. Diamonds are Forever was a good one too.

Mihai also said 'Black Stallion' was a reference point on "The Master."

(Also: questions were submitted a while back, sorry. Still no reply though...)
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


This is coming next week. And it's good. :)
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


PTA interview coming tomorrow morning. Appreciate any/all social media assistance.
Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.


Damn, I wish I'd actually taken this seriously back in September...

but my one truly burning question has already been answered ( bout his favorite movie )

any attempt of mine at something thought provoking has probably been asked a million times, but there are enough great ones in this thread. I hope they were gotten to.



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PTA interview coming tomorrow morning. Appreciate any/all social media assistance.
Can't wait man, hoping you covered if the PDL Blu will be released via Criterion.