cigs & redvines possible interview

Started by modage, September 03, 2012, 06:43:40 PM

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Christopher Nolan's directive was clear to everyone in the cast and crew: Use CGI only as a last resort.



There was a nice write up on the Cigs & Redvines site today.. To be honest, I kinda forgot about that site. Rarely check it these days. But it was how xixax started... They didn't mention xixax or the previous board that was attached to the site :-(

Where that blue jay guy at?!


Bravo.   :bravo:

I just wish they'd let us help them keep those spammy comments under control.  I've offered a couple of times already...


I did not know that Paul leaked the trailer for "There Will Be Blood" to cigs & red vines, upsetting executives at Paramount... Thats hilarious..


So... there's something new I learned about Magnolia.  Paul's VOICE makes a cameo during Sydney Barringer's jump?  There is chanting during the teleprompter, and an interview linked off of that article posted has Paul confirm it.  I can't for the life of me make out what the chanting is saying though.  Anyone?

And I remember when that CMBB trailer dropped.  It was a magical time.  Such a good teaser.  For old time's sake:


I don't think I've even seen that teaser before.. DDL's reading of those lines was different from the finished cut. More subdued, less intense.