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Started by ono, July 07, 2011, 03:45:25 AM

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For all the fellow Canadian Xixaxers on here (or anyone who can get the CBC on your satellite radio), tune into the CBC right now! PTA is coming up for an interview on Q with Jian Gomeshi. If you miss it I believe they will post it on the website tomorrow for everyone. Should be a good interview.


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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. PTA is on Fresh Air in like 3 minutes. Tune in now!


until it gets removed.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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It was an excellent interview. As always, Terry asked him questions that would not have occurred to other interviewers. No need for Charlie Rose.

Unfortunately, she also continued the trend of omitting PDL from his filmography. Even included Hard Eight nearly every time when coming back from a break, but skipped right over PDL. She might have mentioned PDL in the last re-introduction, but I could have misheard that.


She also said Boogie Nights was the first time he and PSH worked together and then went on and on before asking the question, and by that time he either forgot to or decided not to correct her.  Not his style anyway.  She's asking good questions, but I'm not finding too much new here, still in part three.

Ah, memories.  "This week, Balki gets a headache on Perfect Strangers."

This time around he didn't segue to "Balki gets a blowjob."  I guess that's growth.




PTA directly addresses the "I'll go no more a roving" scene where all the women are naked which many reviewers/viewers seemed to think actually happened. NOT TRUE.

Now if he'd just confirm the theatre dream sequence...
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Nice article, but it bugged me that the "five PTA moments" were snipped to two.  Not that we probably couldn't guess anyway.  Still would've been nice to read.

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Quote from: modage on October 03, 2012, 10:29:11 PMNow if he'd just confirm the theatre dream sequence...

Well sure, but he doesn't need to, because Freddie even tells Master (in the school) that it was a dream.



I feel like such a film aficianado for the fact that from the very moment I saw a titty, I knew it was his imagination. It shocks me that people would for a second think that was real, they must've been expecting some real Charlie Manson level cult shit


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There's a slow tracking shot that moves in on him as he's nodding off, i thought it was implied.
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PTA scheduled for "The Daily Show" this Thursday!

I have tickets for Wednesday though, with special guest... Magic Johnson...
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Tip: the morning of the Daily Show taping, more tickets are often released. Same goes for Colbert. It's worth a shot.

But I'm pretty sure that you can't get a ticket if you have had a ticket in the past several months. But you can get a friend and just go with them (each person can claim multiple seats but it's under one person's name).