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Started by Robyn, May 27, 2010, 10:36:32 AM

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Anyone have the original Hard Eight Shooting Script?
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I'd really, really appreciate PDF copies of Sydney/Hard Eight, Knuckle Sandwich, and Magnolia if anyone is willing: billx.thompson(at)


hey guys,

i'm looking for the knuckle sandwich script...
you have to pay the site in the link posted above and i don't really want to give some kim dotcom erzatz my money for a pta script.

could anyone send me the script?

that would be FANTASTIC.

thank you so much in advance :)

max from fearless



Can I have the Knuckle Sandwich scrip, please ?


Here's the script for THE MASTER, in case anyone wants it.... (I recommend you to download it and SAVE IT, to read AFTER you watch the movie):

Fuck this place..... I got a script to write.


Does anyone have the Punch Drunk Love script in pdf format?


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Quote from: Sleepless on June 12, 2013, 09:01:16 AM love.pdf

For some reason it's not opening for me, it's coming up with a 404 error.

So I tried going into the Manzin site and finding it that way, you can access a PDL related pdf but it's a movie review, not a script. Am I looking at the wrong thing?

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Punch-Drunk Love
Someone just emailed this to me: "PDF version of PDL to upload. Not the best copy but have a look anyway."

Knuckle Sandwich
The same one that was posted August 2012.


Just joined this forum! Thanks for the Knuckle Sandwich script! Very much appreciated!

Does anybody have the Rule of the Bone script or the first draft of Boogie Nights?
Also can somebody please post the early draft of TWBB again? The link is dead.




max from fearless

Does anyone have Inherent Vice? I just can't do this anymore....I need something. Anything....


Not sure what would account for these prices, but ran across this tonight:

Hopefully lots of gold leaf involved.  Or autographed by every actor and crew member.