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Started by max from fearless, March 24, 2010, 02:17:01 PM

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max from fearless

Hope it's cool if I post the There Will Be Blood (2005 Draft) as some peeps were asking for it. Some great scenes cut from this, especially the one when Daniel talks about his dick not working.


Awesome. People have been looking for this for ages. You're the best!
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Thanks!  I read the shooting script (can be found here) not long ago, which also happened to contain a scene where Daniel says his cock doesn't work.  It will be interesting to compare the two and get a clearer sense of how a draft develops.


nice, looking forward to seeing how different this is than the final version..



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if it is the early draft i have, there is also an insane old western style 'peek out from behind poor shelter, say a one liner and shoot your revolver' style thing back and forth with daniel and his brother during the confrontation bit.

i asked paul about it after the san francisco screening and he pulled an :shock:/eli face and smirked a sheepish/guilty smirk saying: "yeahhhh, we got to preproduction and everyone looked at one another and said: 'how the fuck are we even going to shoot this'" and then they squished it shortly thereafter...
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yeah you definitely understand daniel much more with his unworkable cock. too bad he was like 100 years out of date from solving that problem with a little blue pill. i'm sure the whore and henry were laughing about this. i would shoot the bastered as well. or maybe it was just his paranoia. the point is it's better to leave questions unanswered.
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Quote from: Ordet on March 26, 2010, 12:46:20 AM
i'm sure the whore and henry were laughing about this.

I'm less sure, but that's nonetheless a good link to draw. I like that interpretation.

Quote from: Ordetthe point is it's better to leave questions unanswered.


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It's good to know it's in the first draft, though I'm glad it was removed - it's much better being hinted at. Plus, there can't be many clearer symbolic images of the hysterical compensation for fears about one's manhood than a man who builds giant phallic objects that drill rhythmically into the ground, occasionally eliciting gushes of liquid... (Sirk's Written on the Wind comes to mind as an obvious parallel in this respect.)
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sorry to drag up an old thread but does anyone have the script that was linked to here? It's been dead a while..

Jeremy Blackman

If anyone does have it, you can email it to to have it hosted here.

Also of interest:

EDIT: Here's the 2006 draft, which I assume is different: (direct link here)

Jeremy Blackman

Someone emailed me the 2005 script! (Chime in here; I wasn't sure if you wanted to be credited.)

So here are both scripts:

2005 There Will Be Blood draft

2006 There Will Be Blood draft