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The Grapevine / Robot Dreams (Pablo Berger, Sa...
Last post by ono - Yesterday at 10:32:45 PM
After spending too many lonely Manhattan nights sitting at home, Dog decides to build himself a best friend: Robot. Dog and Robot quickly become inseparable as their friendship grows to the rhythm of 80's pop, until one day at the beach where they are suddenly forced to abandon one another.

Animated feature with no dialog (though definitely not "silent").  I found myself saying "aw" a lot.  Fun for the whole family.  :)
The Grapevine / River (Junta Yamaguchi)
Last post by ono - Yesterday at 10:28:02 PM
On a calm winter's day, a mountain inn becomes trapped in a time loop.

Saw this tonight, knowing nothing about it other than a one-sentence synopsis, and that's probably the best way for anyone else interested to approach it.  It was a treat.  Gave Perfect Days a run for its money.  And all else I'll say is what really impressed me is the writing.  It's a great example of how to continuously twist a concept, revealing more and more layers.
The Grapevine / Perfect Days (Wim Wenders)
Last post by ono - Yesterday at 12:13:15 PM

Best film I've seen in a while.  Didn't think they make 'em like this anymore.
Xix & Xax / Re: ...what are you now?
Last post by ono - Yesterday at 12:11:57 PM
Hey Neon!  Nice to see you pop your head in!  I'm still kicking around after having been in and out on and off for over 20 years.  Love this place.  Was a software engineer for like 8 years but quiet quit that bullshit in order to concentrate on creative pursuits.  I'm trading options to support myself and hope to pursue editing work on the side as needed.  We'll see.  After having not done anything for a long time, I've made two short films over the past two years.  The first one was meh.  Have yet to get it accepted anywhere.  Good learning experience.  This second one I shot this summer and am editing it.  It's a long, arduous, tedious process, but oh so fun.  I'm reminded of Ira Glass's thoughts on taste every moment I'm at it.  I've also written two features and am in the process of collaborating with novelist and actress friends on various other projects to make over the next year.  Sick of waiting for someone to tell me yes, and I love calling my own shots.  It's fun times.

Movies: still love PTA though he lost a step with LP.  I think him having kids and an infatuation with the Haims may have thrown him off a bit.  IMO, Phantom Thread was a masterpiece.  Every single cut, all the sound design, just so exquisite.  Inherent Vice is a masterpiece too, IMO.  PTA captures such a feeling, such a mood, with that one.  I've gained a new love for Lynch too.  Saw Eraserhead in full for the first time a few years ago.  It's my favorite, up there with the other four greats of his (Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive).  Inland Empire is a glorious mess that just needs 30 minutes cut.  But I digress.  Watching Lynch's The Art Life and listening to his audio book, hearing him talk about his processes, is so inspiring.  I saw Wim Wenders new film Perfect Days last night.  What a treat.  I didn't think movies like that are made anymore.  Music: love Modest Mouse and Sunset Rubdown -- hey, they've made a comeback!  Video games: I've been really into Street Fighter 6 over the past few months.  Also anticipating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the three Mario games on the horizon (Wonder, RPG and TTYD remakes).  Yeah, I'm a kid at heart.
Xix & Xax / Re: ...what are you now?
Last post by NEON MERCURY - September 30, 2023, 06:01:34 PM
JB and AW. thanks for the responses. maybe I will hit up the Discord. AW, congratulations working with A24. everything I've seen from them is top tier. sorry to hear about living in "terrifying authenticity". just hoping that your situation is less stressful with time.

Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Punch-Drunk Love Vinyl Rel...
Last post by max from fearless - September 29, 2023, 07:28:51 AM
At the moment it's only available through the Mondo website. Usually Juno and most vinyl shops pick up their releases. No idea whats going on with this one though...
News and Theory / Re: Who's Next To Croak?
Last post by wilberfan - September 28, 2023, 08:41:25 PM
Michael Gambon

Dumbledore?  Sure, fine.  But for me, he will always be Philip Marlow in THE SINGING DETECTIVE.  RIP.
Paul Thomas Anderson / Re: Punch-Drunk Love Vinyl Rel...
Last post by Tdog - September 28, 2023, 11:29:04 AM
Does anywhere in Europe distribute mondo releases?
The Grapevine / Re: May December (Todd Haynes)
Last post by A(lethia)Ward - September 26, 2023, 10:55:09 PM
Uh this looks kind of awesome?