PTA Interviews (on YouTube or otherwise)

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Thanks so much for putting this together!


Quote from: wilder on January 05, 2018, 03:31:41 AM
Someone should rip them all and upload them to a new account where they won't get deleted.

Agree. I already downloaded all the Boogie Nights ones. Will try and do the rest in the upcoming days. If I upload anything I'll let you know.

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The playlists are broken down into the following categories (with some overlap):

-Boogie Nights
-Magnolia Cast
-Punch-Drunk Love
-There Will Be Blood
-The Master
-The Master - Audio Only
-Inherent Vice
-Phantom Thread
-Charlie Rose Interviews
-Interviews with other Directors
-Dylan Tichenor
-Odds & Ends

Left off the following videos and podcasts to avoid copyright infringement:

-The Criterion-produced videos (Robert Downey Sr. interviews, Jon Brion PDL interview produced for the blu-ray)
-The WTF Podcast for Inherent Vice
-Vice interview for Inherent Vice
-The Bill Simmons Podcast for Phantom Thread
-BUILD interview with Mark Bridges, Lesley Manville, and Vicky Krieps


Added the copyrighted videos listed above to their respective playlists on the channel - they just won't be directly hosted. Thanks to wilberfan for the Phantom Thread post-screening discussion audio.

Edit - added:

-Paul's commentary on the John C. Holmes documentary "Exhausted"
-Hard Eight score (+Playlist)
-Boogie Nights cast EPK videos
-Boogie Nights Behind the Scenes B-Roll
-Magnolia Oscar video
-Longer San Sebastian TWBB interview
-Dylan Tichenor Playlist
-DP/30 interview with Mark Bridges & Co. to 'The Master' playlist

and this gem


I had this long rambling post about old PTA interviews here yesterday, and I came back today to add another update via an additional post. I went back into the first post to grab something -- to quote myself -- and then somewhere along the line, I accidentally edited the new response over the previous post. In other words, I accidentally removed that first post.

So...quick recap:

- Sometime in January 2000, PTA was on a late-night talk show called Open Mike with Mike Bullard. He was surely promoting Magnolia. I've never seen this interview mentioned anywhere else over the years, much less seen any footage.

- Another obscure discovery: During the same promotional tour, PTA was scheduled to appear on Letterman in January, 2000. He was booked on two separate nights, so he must have rescheduled at one point. However, Letterman had to undergo heart surgery and a few weeks of shows were cancelled, including the one which would have featured a PTA interview. Letterman interviewing PTA sounds pretty interesting to me, so I wish that ended up happening at some other date.

Minor update:

See the attached photos for photographic evidence of that Open Mike interview. This is the update I was trying to share today. Not sure if many people care about this random bit of PTA ephemera, but any interview with him is of interest to me, even if this one involves an apparently (based on what I've read) low-calibre show/host.


Can anyone find audio/video or a transcript of the DGA Q&A PTA did with Scorsese for There Will Be Blood in January 2008?  Thanks.


Quote from: Lempwick on February 22, 2018, 02:33:08 PM
Can anyone find audio/video or a transcript of the DGA Q&A PTA did with Scorsese for There Will Be Blood in January 2008?  Thanks.

I'd be VERY interested in this also - someone must have this lying around on their conputer?


Here's a great one from Inherent Vice that I didn't see on the YouTube page. Seems to have slipped through the cracks. It's Paul talking about some of his biggest influences and even Cigarettes and Coffee as clips are shown to him.



It´s a great conversation! And the last 30 seconds are really funny  :yabbse-grin:



Conan O'Brien just announced that all of his shows will be archived online, which means we will finally get to see that appearance PTA made in 2000. As a PTA nerd and a classic Conan nerd, I can't wait!


Be sure and point us towards it when it's ready!