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Quote from: S.R. on September 23, 2012, 02:24:26 AMIt's not THAT unfortunate that you didn't get to list them, since you pretty much listed them.

That was the joke. I try to be subtle.

Quote from: S.R. on September 23, 2012, 02:24:26 AMAll I got is titles. What are they about?

Too much work. And it was supposed to have an esoteric vibe.

Quote from: S.R. on September 23, 2012, 02:24:26 AMReasonable Discussions sounds like the most boring podcast ever. "Thank you for joining us. Today we will be spending our entire hour discussing wet water." How To Do Everything? Who has time for that?

Reasonable Discussions is the AV Club podcast. How To Do Everything is actually a relatively short podcast that doesn't always take its mission seriously.

Quote from: S.R. on September 23, 2012, 02:24:26 AMBut Thrilling Adventure Hour does sound pretty exciting.

Their official description: "a staged production in the style of old-time radio." It's a comedy podcast.
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Jeremy Blackman

The latest episode of Judge John Hodgman is literally the best thing I've ever heard on the topic of Santa Claus. It also could be his most carefully-considered decision in the history of the podcast. If that interests you at all, I implore you to listen.

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A bunch of podcasts are broadcasting video versions of their podcasts from this youtube network "Video Podcast Network".  Starting today with live podcasts at sundance.   For instance right now "You Made It Weird" with Pete Holmes is on live.  Before that Comedy Bang Bang was on.

I'm pretty sure in the future it'll just be videos of them in studio.



i don't understand the appeal of podcasts.

who has time to listen to all this shit? most of these go for over an hour. how long are you people stuck in traffic? i commute 15 mins to work.. is this hugely abnormal in america??

apart from the physical theft of time in your daily life, i just don't see how every one of those podcasts can be minute-to-minute GOLD. the only ones i can see that might be interesting that reelist posted are The Treatment cos you actually get to hear the creators of the work talking about it, the breaking bad one obviously for the same reason, and maybe How Did This Get Made cos it sounds like it could be funny in the MST3K tradition.

other than that, most of these are filled with nobodies talking about things they know nothing about, or at best telling me something i already know. who the hell cares what some random guy has to say about PTA? are they offering in depth analyses of the kind i listed here? is it something you just like to play in the background without actually paying attention to it? cos i think music is probably the best void filler in that regard.

good for marc maron and other people for finding something to keep them busy and off hard drugs, that's great. but of all media a person can consume, i find this one to be the biggest waste of time. movies, documentaries, music, news, tv shows, video games, BOOKS, comics.. why not go straight to the source? has anyone on any of these podcasts ever talked about PDL for more than an hour non stop and actually managed to say something interesting? i sincerely doubt it.
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Pubrick, most podcasts are shit. Just like most television and radio are shit.
But you find what appeals to you and listen to it.

I listen to podcasts while I drive, when I'm at the gym, or while I'm at work. It's like the radio except interesting/funny (I listen to music sometimes too).

I mostly listen to comedy podcasts because it's actually the funniest thing going on in media right now. There's something about the intimacy of the format that makes comedy feel more real and raw. I feel like I'm in the room with the people as the come up with the material and not just listening to a recording from some night club.

I only listen to Marc Maron when he has a really interesting guest on...  he's an incredible interviewer.

I don't listen to people just talk about movies on podcasts... I find that boring as shit and I think you're right about that, but obviously some people are into that.


P, you're absolutely right, but I'm in the same boat with RK. The problem with these things is the lack of effort people put into them. Most people just shoot the shit for an hour and then send it out, no editing or production, nothing. I do like the comedy ones the best, but some of these people are just lazily riding off of Marc Maron's coattails, it's really annoying and I wish I didn't spend so much time listening to them. Maron revolutionized the format because he took it SERIOUSLY, giving the audience a chance to feel like a fly on the wall when listening to their favorite whomever really delve into themselves and find out what makes them tick. It's so uncomfortable hearing other people try to be Maron, they don't have the integrity that he does and the 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. When you listen to WTF, you can almost hear his brain churning from second to second, asking the question "what would make this good radio?" not "how can I make them feel at ease, or think I'm cool?" but "What can I give my listeners that they've never heard before, or wouldn't hear anywhere else?" That's why he's so succesful.

I'm so with you guys about the dullness of these movie podcasts, though. I can't listen to these idiots with no involvement in the process of these films drone on about them for an hour anymore. God, it's tedious. And I'm sorry to say that the worst culprit is one of our own. The Auteurcast, ( and Rudie particularly, West is cool ) has some of the most vapid film critiques I've ever borne witness to. I think I'm done with run of the mill film criticism in general, man. Time to start thinking for myself.

but I'm an addict at heart, so now to go download me some podcasts...

This should be good How Did This Get Made? does 'The Odd Life Of Timothy Green' with Tim Heidecker.

P, if you only ever listen to one movie podcast, I'd say that be it.

Jeremy Blackman

In response to Pubrick...

Podcasts are the perfect accompaniment to any boring activity. I rarely cook or do the dishes or clean the house without a podcast on. At their best, podcasts are much better than a "void filler"... they are stimulating or funny and make these things less boring.

But no, I don't think I've ever just listened to a podcast with nothing else going on. And I don't think people actually do that.

I've struggled to find a good film podcast, so I pretty much just don't listen to them. Filmspotting is good, but it's too long. The only one that I listen to regularly is Slate's Spoiler Special, which only comes out about once or twice a month.

The best (and most concise) film discussion usually happens in pop culture podcasts, like Pop Culture Happy Hour or Slate's Culture Gabfest.
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I got really into podcasts when I had an hour long commute to work.  I don't do that anymore, but I still load up a bunch whenever I have a long car or plane ride. 

So long as you're into listening to things that aren't music there is a podcast out there for you.  The only one I still listen to weekly is Comedy Bang Bang, thought admittedly thats not for everyone.

If the WTF longform interview isn't your thing theres more produced podcasts like This American Life and Radiolab.  There's short story telling like The Moth, there's completely written fiction podcasts like The Thrilling Adventure Hour, there's even call in podcasts.  Its really just a matter of finding what you like. 

The only movie based podcast I listen to is Doug Loves Movies. 


I'm with JB, I pretty much make food, do the dishes, cleaning the apartment with a good podcast in my ears. One of the best podcasts is documentaries. There's a bunch of swedish ones that are also educational and fascinating. I'm searching for english spoken documentaries so if there's anyone who knows any good ones, lemme know. :yabbse-smiley:


Quote from: Christian on January 24, 2013, 10:52:06 AM
One of the best podcasts is documentaries.  I'm searching for english spoken documentaries so if there's anyone who knows any good ones, lemme know. :yabbse-smiley:

A podcast called Documentaries or about them?


Er no... podcast documentaries. Just random spoken documentaries, bro.

The Perineum Falcon

The only one that comes to mind is This American Life. Radio Lab is a good one, too, but different.
We often went to the cinema, the screen would light up and we would tremble, but also, increasingly often, Madeleine and I were disappointed. The images had dated, they jittered, and Marilyn Monroe had gotten terribly old. We were sad, this wasn't the film we had dreamed of, this wasn't the total film that we all carried around inside us, this film that we would have wanted to make, or, more secretly, no doubt, that we would have wanted to live.


Here's a podcast I don't recommend - Dan Harmon's Harmontown. I'm not sure it even qualifies as a podcast as it's just recordings of live comedy shows where he gets wasted, raps, makes fun of his girlfriend, how fat he is and raps again. I'm bummed too because I heard a lot of great reviews. Maybe going to the show in person would be a better experience, or maybe it's only suited for diehard Harmon fanboys.


Two critical, deal-breaking steps to appreciating Harmontown:

1. Listen from the first podcast and follow them in order. I have to imagine that nothing would make even the slightest bit of sense to someone jumping in fresh with a recent episode.

2. Be a diehard Harmon fanboy.

If you fulfill these requirements, it will be your favorite thing in the world. Otherwise, I really wouldn't bother.
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