overdone comedy routines from non-funny people

Started by pete, July 08, 2004, 03:01:31 PM

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I'm sick of the following impressions from people who think they're funny:
ghetto thug
perky califronia girl
gay dude with a lisp

and I'm sick of traffic stories, I just don't think driving is all that funny, but people love telling traffic related stories.

now it's your turn.  let it all out.
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I'm tired of black people doing routines about white people, cause if it was the other way around there would be trouble. For the record im hispanic so as a minority im allowed to say this, if any of you suburbanite crackas agree with me you're in for a world of hell.
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Some people can make fun of white people well... so I don't mind that as much.

Sick of:

-Comedians whose acts consist of mainly (or only) doing impersonations of thier ethnic parents.

- Comedians who think that a joke is strong enough to come back to over and over throughout the act... especially if the joke wasn't that good to start with.

- ANY Aarnold Scharzeneggar impersonation that lasts more than two seconds.


Quote from: RegularKarateANY Aarnold Scharzeneggar impersonation that lasts more than two seconds.

NOW, they are not funny. A few months ago, some were funny, like conan's


Conan's one of the exceptions... his impersonations (and most of the ones done on his show) sound nothing like the person being impersonated.

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Conan does the same stuff every night. with the dance where he cuts the string, jumping in and out of the shot, "stay cool my babies" i love conan, but it gets old.
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Quote from: Stefenim hispanic

I'm half-Asian if that makes you feel any better.

Margaret Cho does a good Perky California Girl and she absolutely owns the Ethnic Mother impression.  She's the only one who does it well but she does do it well.


Quote from: RegularKarate-Comedians whose acts consist of mainly (or only) doing impersonations of thier ethnic parents.

Comedians whose acts consist main of impersonations of celebrities.

Constant anger.  Some people like Lewis Black and George Carlin have it down, but I've seen quite a few comics who are angry but not funny.


really bad sarcastic humor..[mo rocca]
stupid "crazy guy" humor...jack black
every single host on any "________ funniest videos"
that fat guy who talks like hes inhaling crack smoke and the guy w/ the gaps between his teeth  and the one loose snaggle tooth who only appear on a Vh1 countdown or of the like type of show.........
......jimmy kimmel and andy dick and alec baldwin

thats all/./


Quote from: NEON MERCURYreally bad sarcastic humor..[mo rocca]
WHAT? that guy was edgy! he was Goon-ish!

- people talking about who they resemble
- i hate when i become aware of the number of times David Cross says fukin'
- the unbeliefable excess of Robin Williams Live on Broadway


A good deal of the people who "only appear on a Vh1 countdown or of the like type of show" are really funny people who don't have enough coverage yet. (though I haven't a clue who  you're talking about specifically)

DC does say "fuckin" a lot, but he more than makes up for it.

- People who rely on thier gimic too much
- People who think just making funny faces is good stand up material
- Peope who release a cd, do four comedy specials, and tour for seven years all with the same 30 jokes.
- The entire Blue Collar Comedy tour


Quote from: picolas
- the unbeliefable excess of Robin Williams...

i think i can speak for everyone in that this guys act is the most overused and just plain annoying........his sh*t is so phucking unfunny and embarrasing its sad.....he reminds me of that guy in high school that sat next to you in history class and would make these stpuid jokes and keep turing around     to look at you  to see if you  were laughing with him every 5 seconds...........

picolas,  i think you may have the best choice next to RK and the arnie impersonations-thats very unfunny also......

BUT  "gay  dude w/ lisp" will always be funny b/c they [in hindsight] are doing really bad impersonnations of a womans voice....

and i would like to  add wanda sykes...

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There's this one guy who's done one or two stand-up shows for Comedy Central that I absolutely despise. When just seeing him on screen I am consumed in red hot seering hatred. He's the guy who starts to tell a joke, but by the end of it he either a) gets out of breath or b) thinks that what he's about to say is so funny he tries to hold back the laughter while still talking. And he does this for EVERY SINGLE JOKE, without fail. He's balding too. I think. And he looks like the dad on ALF, if that helps.

Anyone have any idea who this guy is?
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Quote from: RegularKarateDC does say "fuckin" a lot, but he more than makes up for it.
yeah. totally. i just hate when it keeps coming up. it's like watching a sitcom and catching all the laugh tracks. or trying not to think of the white elephant.

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