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Sigur Rós

Check out Zdzislaw Beksinski if you don't already know him.


nancy ekholm burkert

hideaki kawashima

audrey kawasaki

mineyo uemura

tomoki arai

yoshitoshi abe

hannes bok



"In Serbia a lot of people hate me because they want to westernise, not understanding that the western world is bipolar, with very good things and very bad things. Since they don't have experience of the west, they even believe that western shit is pie."
-Emir Kusturica

Two Lane Blacktop

My favorite painter is probably Robert Williams, but it's hard to find any of his images on the web.  I can't find a copy of my favorite one of his, which is called "Hell Toons."  Here are a couple of his other ones that I like a lot, though:

Flying Saucer Attack on a Pirate Galleon

A White-Knuckle Ride for a Lucky St. Christopher

Impervious To Chaos

Harvesting Ectoplasm Off the Evil Ghost of a Dead Monkey

Williams also painted the picture that was originally used as the cover for Guns N Roses' "Appetite For Destruction" album.  ("Appetite for Destruction" was the name of the painting...  he didn't paint it for GnR, he just gave them permission to use it.)

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Sigur Rós

My cousin is a painter. Check out his website. Tómas Björnsson

Two Lane Blacktop

Quote from: Sigur RósMy cousin is a painter. Check out his website. Tómas Björnsson

Wow, he's really good!  I love his style.  

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i really like Tal R's  stuff:

context, context, context.


Artists I like.

Sas Christian

Eric Feng

Julie West


I like Edward Hopper and hate Rothko and Mondrian.


Quote from: Gamblor Posts DrunkI hate Rothko and Mondrian.
...your excuses are your own...


these look poor unscanned, sorry, i drew these tonight

Jeremy Blackman

Quote from: Gamblor Posts DrunkI like Edward Hopper and hate Rothko and Mondrian.
What is it about Mondrian that you dislike?
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His paintings would be ok if he wasn't such an ass about De Stijl. I can't remember this quote verbatim, but basically he referred to De Stijl as the greatest thing to happen to art since the paintbrush. Considering his paintings are made to service an artistic idea (like the idea of Composition in Blue, Yellow and Red breaking down forms into simple shapes and colors, or whatever), anything he says about the idea changes what the painting stands for. In this case, it stands for bullshit pretense.

I really wish I didn't sell back my art history book so I could give you that quote. Also, I don't like art that children can make. They may be visually pleasing, but still.



Chimp paintings fetch 26,000 dollars at auction

LONDON (AFP) - Three paintings by a chimpanzee named Congo were sold at auction in London to an American buyer for a total of 14,400 pounds (26,250 dollars, 21,610 euros), many times the estimated price.

Congo's works went under the hammer in a sale that included works by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French cubist Fernand Leger and US pop artist Andy Warhol.

Presale estimates had put their price at between 600 and 800 pounds.

The buyer, Howard Hong, said he was a great fan of modern and contemporary painting.

Nicknamed "the Cezanne of the ape world" Congo turned out more than 400 paintings and drawings under the encouragement of anthropologist Desmond Morris.

Morris championed the theory that chimps had artistic sensibilities and put on a show of Congo's works in the 1950s.

Picasso is said to have had a Congo painting in his studio, in a style described as belonging to "the abstract expressionist school".

"I doubt whether any work by a chimpanzee has ever been auctioned before," Howard Ruthkowski, modern and contemporary art specialist at auctioneer Bonhams, said before the sale.
"As a matter of fact I only work with the feeling of something magical, something seemingly significant. And to keep it magical I don't want to know the story involved, I just want the hypnotic effect of it somehow seeming significant without knowing why." - Len Lye

Two Lane Blacktop

I have to say, I like the first and third pics.  

Since a chimp has no conscious mind that we know of, I guess we can look at these like photography...  sometimes the camera catches a random moment that looks cool.  (I don't know how random these are, of course...  the color choices in #1 rock, and I bet the chimp didn't choose them, nor did he choose to paint on black paper instead of white, which looks awesome).

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