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Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanThat looks like the Fear and Loathing Criterion art.

I'm pretty sure it's the same guy. He also did the Withnail and I cover art, I believe.

SoNowThen, is Sticky Fingers the one where the LP had a real zipper?
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"Lacan stressed more and more in his work the power and organizing principle of the symbolic, understood as the networks, social, cultural, and linguistic, into which a child is born. These precede the birth of a child, which is why Lacan can say that language is there from before the actual moment of birth. It is there in the social structures which are at play in the family and, of course, in the ideals, goals, and histories of the parents. This world of language can hardly be grasped by the newborn and yet it will act on the whole of the child's existence."

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Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanThat looks like the Fear and Loathing Criterion art.

We have a winner!

Steadman does all of HST's artwork.
more than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. one path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. the other, to total extinction. let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.
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Quote from: godardianSoNowThen, is Sticky Fingers the one where the LP had a real zipper?

Those who say that the totalitarian state of the Soviet Union was not "real" Marxism also cannot admit that one simple feature of Marxism makes totalitarianism necessary:  the rejection of civil society. Since civil society is the sphere of private activity, its abolition and replacement by political society means that nothing private remains. That is already the essence of totalitarianism; and the moralistic practice of the trendy Left, which regards everything as political and sometimes reveals its hostility to free speech, does nothing to contradict this implication.

When those who hated capital and consumption (and Jews) in the 20th century murdered some hundred million people, and the poster children for the struggle against international capitalism and America are now fanatical Islamic terrorists, this puts recent enthusiasts in an awkward position. Most of them are too dense and shameless to appreciate it, and far too many are taken in by the moralistic and paternalistic rhetoric of the Left.



Quote from: Jeremy BlackmanThat looks like the Fear and Loathing Criterion art.

also look like Withnail and I criterion art.
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my favorite is, was, and will be Van Gogh but many of you've talked about him so i won't do it again, i would post Dali too, but you already did it, so...
i'll introduce you a peruvian painter (my favorite peruvian painter) his name is Gerardo Chavez, he mix his elegant style with the energy of the traditional art of the old cultures what poblated peruvian territory so many years ago, the result is - in my opinion- just beautiful, this is one of his most popular paintings (my favorite is one called "The Boulevard", but i can't get an image on line :( ) this is called Mama (mother), enjoy it:
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one of my favs.........a Bosch I saw at The Prado in Madrid during one of my European trips

main panel of a three piece

left wing

right wing

detail from right wing
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I came across this today, I enjoy it...

"Talking shit about a pretty sunset
Blanketing opinions that i'll probably regret soon"


i like it too... leaves a lot up to the imagination.

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Obviously what you are doing right now is called (in my upcoming book of psychology at least) validation. I think it's a normal thing to do. People will reply, say anything, and then you're gonna do what you were subconsciently thinking of doing all along.

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One of my favorites among those that haven't already been mentioned:


I just realized that Alex Ross rules.  He paints comic book characters and stories.  Really great stuff.  He has a new book called "Mythology" that just came out.

*Best "tough-guy" poses ever



"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art." - Andy Warhol

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Duck Sauce

whats with the scrathes on batmans back?

also, didnt Superman die?


Quote from: Duck Saucewhats with the scrathes on batmans back?

I don't think a crime fighter would be without scars. Its a bit symbolic as well as literal.

Quote from: Duck Saucealso, didnt Superman die?

Yes, but he was brought back to life in the next comic.  I'm not sure if he died again. I have limited knowledge on Superman comics.