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Quote from: Gamblour le flambeur on February 28, 2006, 12:20:31 AM
No  :oops: here, I have only seen a bit of his act, but I got a horrible impression of him from the Daily Show, where he sucked it up with an unfunny thing about Xbox.

See if you can find his first Trendspotting piece, which was about wine companies trying to make wine "cool" to younger drinkers.  Some classic stuff in that one.
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I'm not trying to diss Regan, really.  I think he can be funny (though I would certainly rather pay seven bucks to see Martin than forty to see Regan), he's been doing the same thing for years and is very solid.  I was just using him as an example of why the "Demetri is just like this other guy" comment doesn't really mean anything.


Ok, I see. I will leave Demetri alone.

However, can we agree that Ralphie May sucks?


Watch my link, you assholes.  :(


There goes any possibility of me ever watching it.
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Last night I caught a big piece of Carlos Mencia's concert on Comedy Central.

my full review: Carlos Mencia is the worst popular comedian since Larry the Cable Guy.


Not since. Let's just say he's the Mexican Cable Guy. He is the least funny, most reactionary, pseduo patriotic, right wing piece of shit. I bet neon loves him.


Thank you, Gamblour. I just realized how soft I was on the Mencia in that post. Time to unleash the dragon.  :shock:

I feel a moral obligation to rise up from the soul-destruction of witnessing Carlos Mencia's stand-up special and deliver an impassioned warning to the rest of you.


This man is terrible. Sure, he's more tolerable than, say, Larry the Cable Guy, but that's not sayin' much. A public castration is more tolerable than Larry the Cable Guy. No, here we're talking about mind-numbing unfunniness, the type of humourless drivel that will break your brain if you subject yourself to a high enough dosage. Be cautious, my friends. Be very, very cautious with the Mencia.

Honestly, this hype about him being offensive and edgy is total, utter nonsense. He's as edgy as he is funny, which is about as funny as a red ant in a rubber, or some other comparison of your choosing. Once we're done rigging the votes in favour of McPhee, my posse's going on a total fucking bounty hut for this biatchen. You're dead, C-Men.


Agree, I saw part of it too, the guy just yells too much I think and YELLING DOES NOT MAKE THINGS FUNNIER, OH WAIT THEY DO!  :yabbse-rolleyes:

Quote from: Hedwig on March 15, 2006, 01:06:24 AM
Honestly, this hype about him being offensive and edgy is total, utter nonsense.

Edgy? Hardly, some of his jokes were taken from George Lopez bits, which I think is awesome. You guys like G. Lo?  :yabbse-smiley:


I didn't watch his stand-up, but I fucking hate that "duh duh duh" thing he does.  It's more annoying and less intelligible than "git r done."


i saw patton oswalt last night and he was saying how he needs a catch phrase to sell beer coozies and hats. i can't remember most of them but i remember at least one was Bucket a' Puppies!
It was the comedians of comedy at emos and i had to leave before patton did the last bit of the show which was painfully tragic but i did catch aziz ansari who was awesome and hilarious. Eugene mirman kinda made me giggle but that was it. i can't imagine brian poshen was very funny..but i wasn't there so i don't know. Patton is great and gets my vote for the greatest comedian alive.
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I went to the new Comedians of Comedy show last night too and Aziz Ansari is fucking hilarious.

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I saw a clip with Pablo Francisco where he is doing a "trailer"-voice and impersonating Schwarzenegger and Keanu Reeves. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Have anyone seen a whole show with this guy and how was it?


Quote from: RegularKarate on March 15, 2006, 02:04:48 PM
I went to the new Comedians of Comedy show last night too and Aziz Ansari is fucking hilarious.
oh thats cool, is he going to be on it (i guess so).  i've seen him a buncha times hosting this free standup thing at the UCB Theatre called Crash Test.  he doesnt seem like a standup really cause he's so laid back and tells a lot of funny stories.  i've never seen a full 'set' though, but i have seen him around the city a couple of times too most recently in hoboken after the yeah yeah yeahs show.
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