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Started by edison, September 21, 2003, 11:20:03 PM

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Oh, thank you for sharing this interview! I will be listening to it this weekend for sure. "[Sotos] was a good friend of Jamie Gillis" woah, interesting.

""This is deadly serious stuff. It's the kind of thing that if you read it and it gives you an erection, you may want to seek out a psychologist." LOL...

I think your instinct is right. The letterboxd association between cTom and Sotos sort of described something similar; 'you walk away from it gaining the same thesis peter sotos collage work wants to instill in the person consuming it. like, obsessing over something to the point you develop your own pornographic interest in it. '

Certainly there were countless times when I knew it was going to be upsetting me to the point of not sleeping. But I wanted something that would distract me from any feelings of what's going on in my own life - and in that sense it totally helped. Yet, where it guides your mind is the deepest of depths and without remorse. Whole other can of worms if you aren't asking yourself 'why this,' or feeling afraid. At times I'd think "Dennis Cooper and Chuck Palahniuk can only imitate this" which izn't a slight to their abilities. Sotos is so authentic that there just can't be comparison.

And some of the excerpted portions will even cite people that are notable today for their strength. Kathleen Hanna quoted from ANGRY WOMEN IN ROCK, or Annie Sprinkle, notable sexologist. Not that that's required to legitimize the clipped portions, but that it allows for a very broad context. The work has much merit, but it's certainly touching on everything most people would rather not be reminded of.


I read Sally Rooney's novelz, and liked Beautiful World, Where Are You? the best. It sacrifices the simplicity in favor of layered annui - so it's much less 'romance' and much more youthful mea culpa. I especially enjoyed the discussion on Bronze Age collapse (culled from Josephine Quinn's "Your own ships did this!") and Catholic interpretation.

Rooney's observations work well because our agitated modernity iz so saturated in 'discourse' that it's a welcome respite to have essentially 'emotional smut' emails and texts between the four main characters ricochet and digress wrestling it for us, a sweet supply of self-pity and insight. Best friends and meaning, everyone wondering whether we can forgive ourselves for our intimate priorities amidst a rapidly spiraling global mess