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Started by edison, September 21, 2003, 11:20:03 PM

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I read Sally Rooney's novelz, and liked Beautiful World, Where Are You? the best. It sacrifices the simplicity in favor of layered annui - so it's much less 'romance' and much more youthful mea culpa. I especially enjoyed the discussion on Bronze Age collapse (culled from Josephine Quinn's "Your own ships did this!") and Catholic interpretation.

Rooney's observations work well because our agitated modernity iz so saturated in 'discourse' that it's a welcome respite to have essentially 'emotional smut' emails and texts between the four main characters ricochet and digress wrestling it for us, a sweet supply of self-pity and insight. Best friends and meaning, everyone wondering whether we can forgive ourselves for our intimate priorities amidst a rapidly spiraling global mess