What are we reading?

Started by edison, September 21, 2003, 11:20:03 PM

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If there is a topic on this already forgive me, i couldnt find one on a search.



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Aclockworkjj:  I have like broncitious or something
Aclockworkjj:  sucks, when i cough, if feels like i am dying
Aclockworkjj:  i can barely smoke



just finished...

now starting...

good stuff.


There is a thread called Books, but I'm all for starting a new one.

I just finished Virginia Woolf's 'To The Lighthouse.' Now I'm about to start either Cormac Mcarthy's 'Blood Meridian,' 'Moby Dick,' or 'The Heart Of The Matter' by Graham Greene. I guess whichever one I pick up tomorrow will be the one I read.


I think everybody in here likes Palahniuk!

I just started CHOKE from him.


I don't really like him too much (although as a person I think he's great). But I've only read Fight Club and part of Choke, so I really shouldn't form an opinion.


Quote from: MacGuffin
no shit Mac...swear, I actually have that same book.  Read it about a year ago...it's not too bad.  I haven't read a ton of screenwrittin' books, but I must say, I got the most...or made the most sense out of that one.  You are probably in it, but I joined some lame movie book club and got that as one of my freebie picks.  


for those who don't know.


Quote from: GhostboyI don't really like him too much .

As I'm not american i knew him from fight club (and thought it was a hype) but then I read diary and lullaby in a role and love them...my next choice will be survivor


Survivor is my favorite

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Gates of Eden by Ethan Coen

Killer in the rain by Raymond Chandler


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reading this for research/personal project but out of interest too:

reading this on the side: