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Started by Jeremy Blackman, May 06, 2017, 04:03:18 PM

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They filmed some stuff for this here in Pittsburgh. My buddies record store (attic records) supplied all the vinyl! We skipped around a few episodes the other night looking for their branded slip mats (prop dept said they used them as much as possible if a scene had a turntable) but couldn't find any.

Glad to hear it's a good show! It seemed to be shot really well.


I've been feeling kind of cynical about shows lately. Certainly there is good stuff out there, but a lot of the stuff I like just ends up getting cancelled. Dirk Gently, Truth Seekers ....

I gave Search Party a try and really loved about 90% of the first season. The ending got a little bit odd in an almost uncanny way (like the Connecticut scenes in that Noah Baumbach movie Mistress America), and the beginning of the second season felt like that, so haven't watched that again. I watched a season and a half of The Leftovers, and it's pretty good but just didn't hold my interest (not a fan of that trope where a character hallucinates the existence of another character and we're shown that imagined character on screen). Watched season one of Peaky Blinders, and it's pretty good, but not outstanding.

Maybe I'll try some of the other recommendations here.

Edit: Oh yeah, Barry is really awesome. Haven't gotten around to watching the second season of that show, but that's one that's really great.


Barry just gets more and more bonkers.  The S3 finale was nothing short of amazing.  There are some missteps in the writing IMO, but if you can suspend your disbelief, it's fine.  And Barry goes down smooth, so it makes for a fun rewatch.  I'm on my third time through now.

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It's overwhelming to have Better Call Saul, Westworld, and The Rehearsal all on at the same time. And they will all be wrapping up soon. Then I guess I'll just stare into the void.
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Players, the new series by the guys who did American Vandal, is very solid and worth checking out. Recommended for fans of any combination of: American Vandal, Silicon Valley, and Netflix sports documentary series.
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The Joe Schmo Show is one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen. People usually compare it to The Truman Show or something from the Nathan Fielder universe, and that's accurate. But for me this is a better description: it's like Burning Love except one of the cast members is a real person. The subject believes he's on an actual reality TV show, but everything is meticulously scripted around him with improv actors (one of whom is a pre-SNL Kristen Wiig) actively guiding the plot while delivering pre-written lines and speeches.

In the end, it's a super effective skewering of reality TV, while also being reality TV, in a manner way ahead of its time. A secondary objective, and perhaps the more fascinating one, is putting their "Joe Schmo" through a series of moral challenges, giving him room to make himself the hero if he chooses the right path. (I've watched seasons 1 and 2; neither are exploitative or mean-spirited).

Clearly The Joe Schmo Show (especially Season 2) was a heavy inspiration for Burning Love. It actually verges on plagiarism at times. They even carry over an actor (Natasha Leggero in S2) playing the exact same character!
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