The Flop House (Podcast)

Started by Jeremy Blackman, July 28, 2015, 04:36:56 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

(Pretend for a moment you haven't heard me go on about this in the shoutbox endlessly.)

The Flop House is a long-running bad movie podcast wherein three friends watch a bad movie and then talk about it.

Where How Did This Get Made is about energetic deconstruction of bad movies, The Flop House delights in complex tangents and running jokes. It's more of a humor podcast that uses bad movies as an excuse to be weird and funny.

This, I find, causes it to grow on you exponentially as you go through the catalog. The Flop House is my favorite podcast. And certainly no other podcast has burrowed itself so deeply into my soul.

Elliott Kalan - Head writer of The Daily Show. I described my early impressions of him in another thread: "You haven't experienced nasally giggles until you've heard his. I would characterize him as an annoying genius. His non sequiturs can become exhausting, but he goes on these improvised flights of comedic connection that are sometimes mindblowing." Since then, I have been completely desensitized to his voice, and Elliot has become my favorite, and I believe he's the most essential member. He really shines in the later episodes.

Dan McCoy - Staff writer for The Daily Show. Dan is known as "the sad one" and "Pervazoid #1." He produces the podcast, keeps the show on track, and weaves various threads together.

Stuart Wellington - Bartender and entrepreneur. Stuart occupies the anomalous intersection of table-top RPG nerd and "cool dude." A connoisseur of 80s exploitation movies.

(I'll reply in a bit with episode recommendations.)
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Jeremy Blackman

A few of my favorite episodes:

166 - Pompeii
156 - 3 Days to Kill
138 - Food Fight!
14 - Bratz
101 - The Last Godfather

Some good recent episodes to check out:

182 - Strange Magic
178 - 50 Shades of Grey
183 - Left Behind
179 - Mortdecai (includes a great review of Mad Max Fury Road at 58:40)

I feel like the podcast reached full maturity around the 100 mark, so I think any episode past 100 tends to be consistent and sharp.
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Jeremy Blackman

Here's a somewhat representative sampling of Flop House tangents...

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after listening to your recommendations i take back everything i said. this podcast is great.

Jeremy Blackman

Wow, nice! :yabbse-grin:

I mean, I definitely know that this is not for everyone. It took me probably 5 or 6 episodes just to get used to Elliott's voice.

It's just one of those things that, if/when it hits with you, it really does.
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the 50 shades of grey episode sold me like a motherfucker.

i'm not sure what made me so hostile about the food fight episode in retrospect, i think i skipped around to the not so great parts or something?

no clue. but yeah this podcast is the shit. the banter is very clever and i deeply regret my previous rant about this show. great stuff. thanks again jb.
(p.s. i listen to the dollop constantly, and elliot is only like one nasal octave above gareth reynolds.)

Jeremy Blackman

Messaged this to my co-worker, who is my podcast buddy:

"Apparently John Hodgman will be a guest on the next Flop House episode. If I'm not at work on Monday, it's because I've died of happiness."

Seriously though. This could be the podcast event of the year for me.
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