no you're the other media, how 'bout that (sips iced tea) [21st century art]

Started by jenkins, April 24, 2015, 07:46:53 PM

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earlier today i was looking at the book The 21st-Century Art Book while thinking "yeah if you're so artistic and everything 21st century you better prove it, you better" and whatnot. there's so much art out there in the world but it's easier to not care about art, so today i cared a li'l and learned about people, which i enjoyed doing

this topic is for discussing such things

anselm reyle does whatever this is, nice:

i get jealous about nyc when i hear about people like zhang huan doing things like this there:

david shrigley makes the type of art that i both like and makes me think "aww man i probs coulda been an artist":

this is titled "black pussy" and looks like an enter the void scene, jason rhoades:

jorge pardo, idk man i just wish my life was to make things like this and i made money and people were familiar with my work and, you know, whatever, my life revolved around:

kutluğ ataman pulled me in first and pulled me in the hardest. this a photo of a room full of old tvs and old chairs and all the tvs have interviews with people and those interviews are a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, love it

doris salcedo, i get you:

i'm not a videogame person as far as the possibility for being a videogame person goes, but i appreciate that feng mengbo made a giant fucking videogame art piece:

armen eloyan seems to collect things together through some gritty lofi cultural art perspective i like:

jimmie durham, just, come on, that's gotta be fun:

marcelo cidade maybe this is slightly less fun but nah it's gotta be fun, and it does this art thing where i look at it and i'm like "this is stupid" then "no i love it" then "no it's stupid and i love it" then "sorry i called it stupid, i do love it" then "anyone want pizza?"

maurizio cattelan this is exactly what i'm saying, exactly:


Welcome to Dismaland: A First Look at Banksy's New Art Exhibition Housed Inside a Dystopian Theme Park


video of it if you want to staycation away to Dismaland for around a minute


it's difficult to imagine what cat photo i'll want to share after this one


the box having the image of the cat's body is the kind of texture that shreds. and i haven't even mentioned the hat. the performance. this is a keeper


My house, my rules, my coffee



what i'm doing is opening a conversation

within the art world, the most cutting edge thing to do is be involved in vr. i don't really feel like proving this so fuck you if your context sucks.

art was is and always will be dictated by forward ideological expression within contemporary means of representation. fucking definition. within an internet culture, vr is the appropriate art parallel, no question. now i'd like to express my personal longing for hologram chambers.

within a vr context, how do you think, as QT states, VR will find its mainstream representation ten years from now. i live in LA so of course there's a vr theater on one of our main streets. what i'm saying is, however much anyone loves film it doesn't fucking matter, think of how much pottery and statues were loved. it just doesn't matter in terms of cultural expression, and art doesn't actually ever alter the human soul, it's only a means of expression

i forget the question wait i just remembered. Tsai Ming-Liang and Terrence Malick have already dabbled in vr as far as i read, and big-name actor was an actor in such a movie, was it John Travolta i forget.

where are we headed? find out today in response posts. don't be such a fucking old person you can't even imagine.


21st century porn

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