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Started by Tictacbk, November 05, 2014, 10:24:52 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

I feel generally the same... that Adnan shouldn't be in jail, because of the "mountains of reasonable doubt," but that he's probably guilty, and that Jay was probably even more involved than he admits.

I don't think either Jay or Adnan is "a perfect sociopath," but it seems totally possible that both of them are sociopathic to some significant degree. My mind is open, but that's my fallback position for now.


Interesting episode, especially the "3 new things" bit. This is what I want Adnan to answer:

What do you think happened to Hae?
If Jay killed her, what is his motive?

Jeremy Blackman

I gotta say, after listening to a lot of Sword and Scale, and then the latest Slate podcast (which is extra spoilery and includes outside information, including a very plausible alternate theory of the crime), I feel surprisingly confident that Adnan is innocent.

When the innocence project lawyer said that Adnan would have to be a perfect sociopath, I kind of blew that off at the time, but she really is right. Hearing many voices of actual sociopaths & psychopaths on Sword and Scale, then hearing Adnan, there seems to be no connection. To me it sounds like he has that basic emotional inner life that's missing in psychopaths. Unless he really is a master manipulator.


What do you guys think? Penultimate episode was interesting. It's getting really sad! The show obviously took a turn around episode 7, focusing less on exposing evidence and more on character exploration. One of the more interesting revelations, according to this latest episode, is the overlap between sociopaths and murderes is very small. I didn't realize that but it makes sense.

Some other random thoughts:
- The show is experiencing an interesting reverb in that Sarah is reporting on the reactions to the show. I'm not quite sure I like it. 
- This show has two audiences, kind of like The Sopranos and True Detective. I suspect the audience who's listening purely to find out whodunit might be disappointed with next week's final episode.
- That being said, I have to believe Sarah is saving some semi-major reveal for next week. I mean she has to, right? It might not be the smoking gun but it has to be...something.
- Adnan's letter was heartbreaking.

Oh and if you haven't already, I suggest staying away from the serial subreddit. I reached a breaking point where falling down reddit rabbit holes was taking away from my enjoyment of the show. I guess I'm just not a redditor.


I'm gradually getting caught up. Listening to episode 8 right now. I'm pretty sure the only reason the jury voted to convict is because Adnan's lawyer was the most obnoxious-sounding person in the history of the planet.
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Jeremy Blackman

Yeah, Adnan's letter is sort of that missing piece for me that makes his behavior and demeanor in the interviews suddenly sensical. (You're welcome polka.)

Quote from: ©brad on December 11, 2014, 10:22:53 PM- That being said, I have to believe Sarah is saving some semi-major reveal for next week. I mean she has to, right? It might not be the smoking gun but it has to be...something.

I think I know what it is. It better be the thing from the extra spoilery Slate episode, because if it's not, that would be an unconscionable omission.


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Oh, I thought last weeks ep was the finale because she started listing credits at the end... I was pissed


Finally caught up, just before the finale. Speaking of which, this is brilliant:
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That is brilliant. As was the finale! It was funny to hear Sarah reference that parody, either deliberately or not, when she's talking to Adnan in the beginning and begging for him to provide more answers.

I feel like we got as satisfying an ending to the podcast without getting "the" answer as we could have asked for. We heard from new players, learned new bits of evidence, got an Innocence Project update, heard Adnan's emotional decision to order DNA testing, and ultimately, what Sarah thinks. What a fascinating ride.

Jeremy Blackman

The "alternate theory" I mentioned, which was not in the finale:

Goes from 21:00 to 25:00.

Jeremy Blackman

Here's a brief summary of the alternate theory. Source is an assistant to Adnan's lawyer. (The document is online. We should find the link and post it here.) It claims that Jay was cheating on his girlfriend (remember Adnan's lawyer bringing that up at trial?), but more importantly that Hae found out, was furious, and planned to confront Jay about it the next chance she got. One might extrapolate from there. Listen to the clip for the full context.

I suppose I can understand why this was omitted, but couldn't it have at least been presented within a batch of "out there" theories or something like that? I feel like there was more room for speculation in the show. Put it out there. Perhaps be dismissive or highly skeptical, but include it.

I also feel like there could have been more characterization of Hae. We got a lot of it in the beginning, and a little burst of it in the finale, but essentially nothing in the middle. That's a minor complaint, though. On balance we probably got enough. I thought it was especially interesting this week to learn the extent of Hae's assertive personality.


Totally agree on the alternate theory. Why it wasn't included in the rumors episode if nowhere else is bizarre. It presents a clear motive for Jay. I have to assume it came down to over-speculation and maybe defaming of Jay's character? There has to be a legal reason why she didn't include it.

On another note, my favorite part of the episode was "Of course I have an ending!" It felt like a jab at redditors/critics at large.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say this is the most fascinating podcast every made to date and anyone who hasn't listened yet should give it a go when they have time. I wish P could comment on it.


They've really dug themselves a hole for season 2.  How the heck are they going to find a case that's this perfect again!?  They even kind of point that out in the finale when she asks the investigator whether or not she'd find so many holes in any case she dug this deep into, and the response is "no."

I kind of hope for season 2 they do something completely different.  Like focus on the docks.


yeah. i think if they want the show to have legs, they should really mix it up. mystery is cool, but i also really liked getting enveloped in the specific culture of that high school. serial could potentially be about anything.