Pop Culture Happy Hour (Podcast)

Started by Jeremy Blackman, August 21, 2011, 01:05:46 PM

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Jeremy Blackman

Anyone who is remotely interested in podcasts needs to try this one:

Pop Culture Happy Hour

It has been my favoritest podcast for quite a while. To get an idea of what this podcast is like at its best, listen to this episode.
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I'll check that out JB because I've come to trust your taste, who's on it? My favorite is definitely Marc Maron's, if you like comedy check it out. Right now Joe Rogan has the number one podcast on Itunes and I have listened to it and liked it but I think it's so so. Maybe it's because he's constantly high and I'm on probation now so I can't smoke weed. I think that's what I'm spiteful about. But his sidekick sucks, Brian Redban. He just kills any hint of having an intelligent conversation. Smodcast got boring, Scott Aukerman is annoying. who else got some good podcasts to offer?

Jeremy Blackman

Pop Culture Happy Hour is basically a collection of friends from NPR, mostly people who write about TV/movies/music/books for NPR and the NPR website. It brings me more joy than any other podcast.

Stephen Thompson - Works for NPR Music, used to be a regular on the All Songs Considered podcast. Worked at The Onion a long time ago and founded the AV Club.
Linda Holmes - Celebrated television critic known for her witty recaps and reviews. The host of the show.
Glen Weldon - Comic book critic. Also reviews books and movies for the NPR website.
Trey Graham - Oversees NPR's online movie coverage and much of its arts/entertainment content.

They occasionally have fill-ins (also from NPR, unsurprisingly), but this is the core group.

Like I said, check out the episode that I linked above.

I listened to Marc Maron through his Air America days, and I definitely like him. I also really like that podcast (he's an amazing interviewer, really), although it's too intense/heavy for me at times.

I checked out Joe Rogan's podcast and didn't like it, because I think I had the realization that I don't like him.
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I just downloaded Pop Culture Happy Hour. Looking forward to my commute tomorrow!

Jeremy have you listened to the Breaking Bad Insider podcast?! It gets a little self-congratulatory at times but it's a fun listen for Breaking Bad fanatics. Vince Gilligan seems very humble and sweet, which is rare for a showrunner.

Jeremy Blackman


This is the direct iTunes link for PCHH:


Downloading the Breaking Bad podcast now. I had no idea it existed! Thank you!

I'm fine with self-congratulation... better than false modesty. Does the podcast add to the experience of the show? Is it spoilery at all?
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Jeremy Blackman

In anticipation of the forum reorganization, this podcast now has its own topic.
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Jeremy Blackman

They mentioned Magnolia and Boogie Nights on the latest episode. What more reason do you need to listen?
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Jeremy Blackman

A highlight from this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour that seemed tailor-made to delight me:

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