WTF with Marc Maron (Podcast)

Started by Reel, August 25, 2011, 04:15:44 AM

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Oh man JB Smoove (Leon on Curb) was on this week and he's hysterical. Such an endearing and charming guy. Definitely worth a listen if you want to be put in a good mood.


Oh sweet, Marc Maron got a time machine???
My house, my rules, my coffee


I got some birthday presents from Marc Maron...

Laura Dern is on WTF today.

His new special 'Thinky Pain' is instant streaming on Netflix

Jeremy Blackman


Listening to Jay Oakerson tell stories is one of the great pleasures of life and these are some good ones

Starts at 15:50


He's my favorite podcast personality right now between 'Legion of Skanks' and 'The Bonfire' (although the latter is legit radio). I'm not sure of one to recommend, there's an entire episode where they rip Tom Hanks' rapper son 'Chet Haze' a new asshole.

pretty much just awesome broadcasting down the line, though. I haven't heard anybody riff like these two in years.
Here's a collection of them:  the most recent one was centered around 'Christmas memories' with a large chunk of the discussion devoted to action figures.


I wanted to post here that Paul Dano's interview was really good yesterday. Just going through his career up until this point, he seems like one of the luckiest actors of his generation with the parts he's landed. I appreciated his openness in talking about his process as opposed to John C. Reilly's seemingly walled off talk the other week. He doesn't want anyone to think they know the real him because then we might be able to see though his characters if we know every aspect of his personal life, spiritual beliefs, politics, etc... Definitely an approach that's working for him but with a guy who plays such endearing people onscreen you kind of wanted a sense of chumminess in that interview which totally didn't happen. Slight detour, but Dano is a very thoughtful dude and he seemed willing to explore anywhere the conversation went. There's a little chunk on There Will Be Blood, no stories from the set or anything but he mentions how much of an uber fan of Paul's he was before then and that Punch Drunk Love is one of his favorite films


Ron Perlman's recap of working with Brando on the Island of Dr. Mureau is fucking hilarious and had me in tears. It starts at the 1 hour 18 min mark.