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Started by Gamblour., January 25, 2008, 03:25:01 PM

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Would like to endorse

Blank Check With Griffin and David: "a podcast following the career output of directors who have had significant success and are then offered a figurative blank check to pursue their passion projects."

With Gourley and Rust: "Nothing says slasher films and horror franchises more than an easy-listening, cozy-cast by two gentle movie lovers like Matt Gourley and Paul Rust. Join them as they take you through the Jasons, the Michaels, and the Freddies; the Screams, the Leatherfaces, and the Candymen; the Aliens, the Chuckies, and the Who-knows-what-elses!"

Unspooled: "Actor & comedian Paul Scheer and film critic Amy Nicholson want your advice as they make the ultimate list of the greatest movies of all time. In Season 1, they watched every one of the AFI's Top 100 films...and decided they could kick off half. Now, they're filling in the gaps by investigating wildly diverse areas of film through miniseries on topics like horror movies, documentaries and romantic comedies, with help from listeners' picks."

Faculty of Horror: "Tackling all things horror with a slash of analysis and research, horror journalists and occasional academics Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are your hosts for brain-plumping discussions on all things that go bump in the night."

Also seconding We Hate Movies and thirding Pure Cinema Pod.


Blank Check sounds really cool  :yabbse-thumbup:


I love it. They start their Carpenter series in two weeks. Gonna be a good autumn.


I started listening and I like it, but do they specify which eps are about the "blank check film"?


I don't think it's ever quite so specifically notated, sometimes it's assumed to be more or less common knowledge, depending on the filmmaker - sometimes it may not even come down to just one film. They've started to get a bit fast and loose with the concept as well, as the years have gone on.