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Sup Homies (shut up P  :) )...

I wanted to share with everyone an opportunity for a new project I'm working on. My new startup has to do with an online television network. Basically we are putting up a site (soon) that will work as an on-demand type of tv channel. No, its NOT YouTube. The content will be selected and licensed, or in some cases produced by us. Most of the content will be exclusive. We have some major deals already in place with big television and film companies that are giving us some of that content.

Now, as we want to have original and exclusive programming, there are opportunities for content development. Some with be produced and paid for by us, and some will be licensed. Basically we are talking about short films, series and television shows. The idea is that we will have shows that will air a whole season (8-12-18 episodes), but each episode will be around 5-8 minutes long. New episodes will air each week while old episodes will be always available on demand (for free).

If anyone here is working on something that fits the description of what I need, let me know. This could be a cool opportunity to get exposure and to actually make a good idea come true. If you think you have a great idea that is not yet developed, it can also work. If you feel you can do a tv show, reality show, or whatever bullshit and you can film it and make it cheap, also let me know.

Doors are open and we have the idea of creating a really cool space with content that will make people want to spend hours there.  The whole technology is in development, as well as a couple of original series and other cool stuff. The company is also fully funded and I have some major people involved.

So there you go... my PM is open for whatever questions or comments. Thanks.


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Reply #1 on: July 14, 2007, 01:32:14 PM
Sounds interesting.  I'm always looking to try something new, and something along the lines of a web series could be really fun.  I don't think I'll be able to be involved for a while, due to other projects and commitments, but I'm certainly curious and I'd love to be updated on the developments of this website.

A few questions, which we can PM about if you think it's more appropriate:  What are the differences between your website and, say, something like iFilm/Atom Films?  Is this something that anybody can submit anything to?  Is there any quality control and advertisement for specific films/series, or is it more of a free for all website?  If it's the former, how will that be handled?

Will you work with the content creators on distribution or do we hand something to you which you distribute how you see fit?  Do the content creators get anything besides distribution (how are we involved as far as the business side of things go)?

As you say that you want to have exclusive programming, what are the specific benefits of having our content distributed solely by your website?



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Reply #2 on: July 14, 2007, 01:43:19 PM
^all great questions. i would also like to hear the response.

and yeah, i've never done anything like this so i don't know what to ask. i guess, how soon would you need content? i mean, some friends and i have just started taping some stupid funny ideas involving regular characters with the intention of dumping it on youtube.. but i can't imagine anyone seriously wanting to watch it.
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Reply #3 on: July 14, 2007, 09:23:37 PM
All great questions. I'll answer a few.

The site in this case is more like a TV network rather than a site where we will have a bunch of bullshit videos. This means, we will have programming that we will choose. The idea is that as easy as you can watch the channel online today, you will eventually be able to watch the shows on Apple TV or maybe have an on-demand channel available on Comcast.

This means the content will have to be good if we want people to watch and for them to come back each day/week for new episodes. It also means we will focus big time on segmentation and advertising sales, exactly like a TV network. We will sell advertising for each show to sponsors for that target audience. The more we promote it, the more viewers, the more cash.

For example, we have an agreement with EMI Music for a music show. That particular show will have a particular audience and sponsors. The metrics for this are superb, and its one of the main technological aspects we are focusing on.

Also, there will be the option to download/buy the show and also transfer to iPod/Other. This will be more like iTunes. It wil be available on some shows, not all of them.

To have an idea of the general concept you can visit Heavy.com. Its not the same audience and not the same site, but its similar. It includes a big deal of user generated content as well, which we may have but it will not be our focus. It also has a great deal of user-interaction, which we will have. We want users to give us feedback and discuss.

To be more specific, on Heavy, go and watch Superficial Friends. Its a series they produce each week and they have over 3 million viewers in each episode. It shows a little bit the concept of what we are doing.

We have a animated show about politics (comedy) already in development, and we have one with Endemol that is like a special episode of Big Brother that will air on our site, plus the EMI, and one we are working on with MTV. Doors are open and we need more ideas and content.

The difference between putting the content with us or YouTube is that not anybody will be able to do it. We will select the cntent and we will promote the hell out of it. We will make it generate $$. So it wont be some video lost between a billion videos. If we want your show/pilot/whatever it means it will get audience and will get the chance to get feedback and to make money off advertising and downloads.