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on: May 24, 2007, 07:57:47 PM
Scorsese shares film secrets at Cannes

It's the story line in a movie that counts first and foremost, Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese told a crowd of wannabe film-makers at Cannes on Thursday.

"It's the subject matter I'm attracted to and it always has been," Scorsese told a packed auditorium at his first Cannes Film Masterclass, attended by Quentin Tarantino and a host of other film types who fought to get seats.

"We want to see the great man and catch something of his wisdom," budding producer Joshua Klar told AFP.

Klar came along with Abe Lebovic, whose short movie, "Goyta" was selected for the festival's official competition for shorts. They had to leave early but said even some of Scorsese's fascinating insights "are better than nothing."

They missed quite a lot.

For well over an hour, Scorese talked in length about the wide palate of movies he directed in over 45 years in the business.

He talked with Cannes film veteran Henri Behar in front of a huge screen on showing excerpts from key movies including "Mean Streets", "Raging Bull", "After Hours" and "The Departed".

Speaking about why he shot boxing scenes in "Raging Bull" as if the viewer was in the ring, Scorsese said he had not known how to film a fight as he had never been to one.

It was only after watching a boxing match that "I could see and hear the sound of punches," so he wanted spectators to get the same feel, he said.

Shooting scenes of violence, part of his childhood in a tough New York neighbourhood, was easier: "I tend to do it the way I experienced seeing or being part of it as a grew up."

Music and colour are the other elements that play key roles in his many movies.

The well-known hit song "Baby you're the one" soars at a defining moment in "Casino" and it was the musical score of Scorsese's film "Kundun" about the Dalai Lama that designed the movie rather than the other way round, the director said.

Comedy and sex are less common themes though Scorsese said he enjoyed making comedy while realising it was difficult.

But sex, he said, was a great unknown. "I'm looking forward to shooting sex some day. I've a few ideas."
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