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Blood Day
« on: May 09, 2007, 02:59:26 AM »
"Blood Day"

He was awoken by the howling of the night wolf. He was not in a bed; he was in an alley and the walls were drenched in darkness. Forlornly he looked left: nothingness. Sullenly he looked right: a moon so dead it reminded him of himself. But he was not dead. He was Blood Dog.

His head was full of thunder, but who was throwing the lightning? Only one man could have done this. The ever-elusive Black Boot. It was time Blood Dog put his foot down. Onto Black Boot's throat.

Blood Dog had a bullet and a gun and together they were dangerous waiting to happen. Together with Blood Dog's thirst for blood they were a dead Black Boot waiting to happen. One thing was for sure, Black Boot was sure to come untied when Blood Dog found him unawares.


Blood Dog climbed a brick wall and punched a body guard in the face and then threw him off the building. As he heard a pronounced thud he thought to himself, "Let the game's begin, and never underestimate the heart of the champion." He was going for the gold, but in his eyes, gold was red. Red blood.

He heard something wicked come his way, so he did a back flip and kicked at the same time. He could have been in the Olympics but they don't give Gold or Copper medals for being cold hearted murder machines. Or for killing a man with just one finely placed elbow to the head, like he just did to another body guard.

Blood Dog was playing these villains like a blood soaked piano in the key of Death minor. Things were about to get interesting.


He kicked in a door and caught Black Boot unawares. "Excuse me, but would you happen to know the time?" jokes Blood Dog. "Nevermind, I found my watch and it's time for you to die."

Black Boot just laughed and threw a karate star at Blood Dog but Blood Dog caught it with his teeth and spit it to the ground. "Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe if it was deep fried."

By this time Black Boot was fuming into anger. They became face to face and exchanged salutations. Bad salutations.

"You think your real tough don't you, freak."
"Your're just a weasle waiting to happen."

Blood Dog had had time to have enough of this. He leaned back and delivered a vicious head butt to Black Boot. Black Boot said, "Now let the games begin."

This stopped Blood Dog square into his tracks. Where had he heard that before? That is when it struck him like a ton of heavy bricks. He had to kill Black Boot then and there. But before he could do that he was caught unawares and kicked hard in his leg.

It hurt so bad that he fell.

Black Boot stood above him like a dark sunset over a wicked ocean. Blood Dog knew it was time he monsooned so he put his one bullet into his gun and pointed it square at Black Boot's eyes.

"I'm going to shoot you dead."

"Go ahead."

And then he went ahead but then a cloud of smoke engulfed the room and Black Boot was gone like quicksilver.

"This happens every time. I need a faster gun."


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