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Amores Perros

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on: February 21, 2005, 12:36:58 PM
* Possible spoilers *

We definitely need to talk more about Amores Perros. A wonderful wonderful film with so many layers. I've been watching this for a month now and I could talk about it forever but I wont...

Something I appreciate is how it avoids politics. It's not a "look how poor this country is" film. It shows lives from different places in a huge urban city. For Alejandro the film is about love, modern love and lonliness, "even though this is a city of 20 million people we feel alone.", he said in an interview.
People need a fixed or stable point in their life and in this film it's a dog. Something dependable that stays with you no matter what.

It's amazing how all the stories touched me. Alejandro is definitely one of my favourite filmmakers.