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The show's gone to hell. Shingles, rehab, bizarre penis-zipper incident, wtf? Meanwhile the guest hosts have been worse than I expected, although it'll be good to see what crazy senile shit Bill Cosby does.

Best so far: Will Ferrel, Bonnie Hunt and Vince Vaughan.

Total snoozefest: Brad Garrett.

Anyone ever seen a ghost? I find myself staying up late watching reruns of cancelled classics ... Freaks and Geeks was a potential classic, but killed at such an early age, dark funny poignant shit. TV really is better than it thinks it is, can be and has been. So many ghosts.

*sigh* this episode ended with the dad telling the kid (reading Crime and Punishment) to not stay up too late... now it's back to war coverage.


--- Quote from: Newtron ---So many ghosts.
--- End quote ---


mog, the thing with dave i don't think is about his eyes anymore.. the shingles i think is like a viral infection that causes breakouts of weird shit all over the place. or sumthin.

i still watch tho, out of habit.. and bonnie hunt is MILF.

bonanzataz: got any gum?

Duck Sauce:
I think they ought to let that kid Michael Essany host it once. That guy who has been doing a late night talk show since he was a teenager on public access, he has a show on E! now I think. Anyways, at first he annoyed me but now I like him. Give him a chance.

Nah, they need Biff to host the show.


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