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Watch the first episode here (requires name, ZIP code, and birthday)


The pilot is not a gimmicky family-sitcom-with-cursing show. It is honest and not sugarcoated about the anxieties of the characters. For example, Louis' dialogue on the park bench. How often have we heard dialogue on thinking about getting out of a marriage that wasn't completely jokey? I'm sure the idea of being with one person forever is something most people are ambivalent about at the beginning of a marriage.

It's nice for a change to see a neighbor that isn't wacky,and that the main characters live in an apartment. Even the Bundys lived in a house. Money troubles are an uncommon problem in sitcoms, but this episode is about that. I'm sure it will be an important part of future episodes as well.

"Sorry, this video is limited to United States users only."

lucky ravi.


--- Quote from: Pubrick on June 09, 2006, 02:35:06 AM ---"Sorry, this video is limited to United States users only."

lucky ravi.

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lucky nobody.

Whatever third party they use for name/zip validation is fucked.  Everyone's talking about how great this show it, but I still haven't seen it.

It worked for me.  If you weren't able to see it and don't have HBO, one of the torrent sites should have it up soon after it airs.

i think this guy's stand-up is amazing but the previews are surprisingly crappy. and i couldn't finish pootie tang. is very worth looking at though.


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